Slow Learners RULE !

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I’m a slow learner, OWNED. I know this; I experience all sorts of turbulence during my process of adding a new skillset. I overanalyze, I am too supplicating towards the master. When I trained boxing/aikido/wrestling I held back out of “respect”. A level of fumbling and clumsiness that really boggles people, I know. But when I do FINALLY get it, it’s OWNED. It’s as if I have to be reborn with a new way of seeing the world. But I have a deep understanding of the process of mastery. I will try to explain it in a future post. It has to do with the #3, I see it as “variability”. But anyway … SALUTE !

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Catch the wave …

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That special place,  the great elixir. We should visit there more often – but there is no time ( right ? ) , or is there( YES ) . Rest, recharge, recover, reboot, restore, no harm in it… Set sail no wrong, rest assured the world will still be spinning when your back in it. Speaking of which – the world, who knows it really? One a certain day we see this or that, and don’t even bring up the stale , set in their ways. Perhaps if they were to reboot, but I fret subconscious programming is a b*tch, this I well know. Just as one sees the nature of his or her chains the lights go off. Still catch the wave, constantly improve, just 1% every day, nothing.Live from the abyss !


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I ask the universe that I may walk rightly, with the most depth and with the greatest of  ease.  That I walk steadily with ease. Have I been reduced to the thought of my strides, a simple matter as this, has it  trumped my dreams, what a loss. Sometimes the simple thing is best to do, that which is before me. That which we forgo as if it were someone else’s will. SALUTE !

- ST

Meditation while on Modafinil

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So “the Nootropic edge”, as always my friends this isn’t medical advice only my version of the story. I was fortunate to have experienced the state of flow via meditation way before I went to the dark side with “drugs”. At least 6  years of meditating on and off. I went very deep into the abyss. So when I first experienced Modafinil I said, I know this place very well, it wasn’t new so to speak. For me meditations benefits are cumulative so you build up momentum by doing it ritually like with weights. The knack of meditation is to not use effort or have a goal, the benefit is in the doing not the rewards. So there, you meditate to get into the flow state subconsciously at least, and you inadvertently create a blockage in flow. Enter MODE ( Modafinil ) For me it takes away the unnecessary itch to achieve enlightenment. Sigh of relief, now meditation is once again for me about being in the moment not outdoing the gnarly states I once upon a time achieved where I felt the  3rd eye cracking open. Also the first level of meditation where you feel disturbed by sound  or inner chatter is mostly gone, making for a perfect lunge pad to become an abyssal missile – ALREADY. SALUTE

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THEY want to KILL you …

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THEY WANT TO KILL YOU, literally, however roundabout the way. They want to kill you spiritually and psychologically. They want to cripple you financially, making it hard for you  to provide which may lead to hunger, poverty, depression so on,  which is a form of death and death in the case of starvation. Yes they want to kill you, shit is real. Are you still sleeping, oh I’m extreme. Well what is the logical conclusion of negative people i.e. haters, negation, duh.  That is to say, anti-life my friends. They want to poison your life beware, it is a crisis my friends. When you know someone wants to kill you-your are more alert, your senses decalcify. Decalcify your F*ing senses my friends, it is on. Move with power and purposefully my friends SOS SOS. SALUTE

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“It’s sad how they do her” ( group dynamics exploitation ) …

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To belittle a person wishing to be part of the group, now that’s class. I sit here as they belittle the poor girl. She’s asking questions about the Spanish language, showing interest in the culture in the most delicate un-patronizing manner. She strikes me as simple. She couldn’t be tertiary in her intent,  that I can see. As they correct her diction with abrasion. She simply comes back like a racquetball blasted to the moon, amazing to behold. You can see how unsophisticated people get tooled for wanting to be part of the group. You can see how group members abuse the need to be part of the group. RED PILL ish. Salute !

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Soak in the Moments of utter freedom

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Un-tethered   to any hierarchy alas, however brief I bask in utter state of sovereignty. Everything happening now is because of my actions, to what extent I nears perfection and true expression all up to me. I forget, I forget these chances to align all my wills sometimes. My friend remember to notice when your acting in complete dominion .Whereas public education seems to prime us for servitude, I fear. One can be like a thief in the night and reclaim cognitive territory acre by acre inch by inch and act by act.  SALUTE!



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