Fitness Haters at work ( who would have thunk it ) …

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I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadows… 

Money IS required & while we’re working on making less sacrifices for a dollar for now were among the ladder-rats . They fuel themselves with coffee and sugar to make it through, all seen as normal behavior. Whereas you putting health as a top priority get’s you such retarded  comments as “were all going to die someday “ – soft-hate. Your breaking the pecking order don’t you know. Just in being superior in some way to your “superiors”. That’s  if your “boss” is a hater, but generally higher ups salute you – It’s the peons who scoff, how dare you forgo the freshly brewed coffee in the air.    SALUTE !

What’s new at waterist.? (flooded)…

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Its been a lively week and today’s Sunday I have been working on music for a change. Yet even to say such is not sufficient because the word music in today’s world simply put smells like walmart and that’s not a good thing yo. But if I were to say I’ve been on a creative binge would be too around the point. Lately I have been moving increasingly stealthily as I feel something major about to crack open for me. And my gut feeling is I better fly below the radar as we all know  the detractors get increasingly desperate the  closer to the finish line we become. NO harm in it, no need to floss on them, its not because of fear or even magnanimity just adaptation in the jungle. Just complete the assignments on the table and everything is perfect. SALUTE !
– ST

Even in winter ( exercise is the new militant?)

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How dare you not be a slothful hunchback eunuch?  And who the F do you think you are to  move with such  deliberate strides – the F* you get off being “happy” and upbeat  But have you started your “freedom-fund” ? I’m working on it – note to self.  I see you pacing around the track as it is acceptable now to be pretending to be getting in shape I can’t salute you just yet. Will you be doing this come winter? Anything besides a absolute yes = no. When the tug of the flock solidifies its mediocre efforts with winter woes – will you too fall off. Have you the nuts to go it alone for the love. Come winter the crowds diminish and only a few stay in the game will it be you. SALUTE
– ST

Crucial paradigm shift in thinking … (don’t fret I will never write nonsense)

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Beyond wondering what others “think” – or why they think what they think, or even seeing they’re logic -and STILL not giving a F* about that either ! I have “meaningful” talks sometimes with otherwise cool people besides they’re limiting beliefs. Most people have a hoarder mentality and would rather take the path of least resistance yes and still. They can recite all the right things in regards to the big questions of life then act contrarily to the high spirited things they say – it could be puzzling if I tried to figure them out. In part I can’t reduce a person down to a distilled point; something seems awful in that – anti-human even. Free will…

In the way my boss would say about me, I like to “beat to my own drum”, the truth is I simply saw through the divide & conquer strategy and acted independently without the psychological support of the group. And to add my “actions were right”, snakes project their own mentality onto others and that’s cool too. So I am not partial to group-think still that does not mean I’m antisocial or not a team player god forbid. See the distinction. But the work of labeling people is a crude business leaving no room to account for the individual’s uniqueness, if only we were robots. A great segue; I have always been into computers, and no thanks to my elementary school computer teacher. I was discouraging in some way and as I recall vaguely a concerted effort to dissuade my presence in the class. Had I seen back then how and why that  was a great sign, but unseasoned to the ways of haters I felt outgunned and shrunk in class to the negative reinforcement. Never-again … 

I pride myself on endurance but not the sufferance type I mean out lasting in a triumphant way my foes. With vigor and punctuated by a smile – I’m still here bitches I think. I got into computers even more to the point that now I’m the one to call with those in the know. Turn-up even more, dance in the suspenseful moments intended to dampen your glow, its only right!


-          ST 

Human nature & the Bonobo Ape of Africa “ ( WHAT IF ) …

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What if it were the Bonobo rather than the Chimpanzee we studied first, in terms of our social behavior. How would that have rewired what we thought about our so called “TRUE” nature? We share a particular piece of DNA with the Bonobo that is abscent in  chimps which is evidence that we may REALLY have more in common with the Bonobo – backed by science not simply wishful thinking by me. A society were the females rule and sex is happening everywhere. And where of course there is general peace and fellowship.  The Bonobo Apes of the Congo why am I just now learning of them. WHAT IF ! SALUTE – ST

Bill Clinton technique by Aquanaut ST….

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Dance in suspense ( I’m a poet too ! )

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Skit about the folly . The shaded path follow .

Laugh at annoyance meant . Even grow in winter.

Play in water still. Revisit youth distilled.

By light or night  be blinded. Servant of the center.


- ST


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