The end of sports!!!…

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I AquanuatST the god,  hereby “divine”, an END to ALL sport’s –…! Enter “The Beast’s Among Us ”…. More and more everyday people have access to professional level training methods resulting in a WTF effect throughout the lands. Speaking for myself, as I am getting asked what sport I train for. The proverbial canary in the coalmine, perhaps? … Baseball coach jokingly said the other day, the Dolphins can use you hahahaaaa… I’m no fool, I’m not trying to get murked on the house, but a joke can, randomly have a cornel of truth within – I like to think ( albeit wishfully ) . I’m only kidding about at end to sports folks, but the gap between professional athletes and us is diminishing and overtime will indeed vanish. I have spoken… SALUTE !

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Why Workout Addicts love the Internet…

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There’s the idea that most people who lift weights or exercise religiously are merely overcompensating. This I consider only partially to be true. Someone decides – I want bigger arms or I want to lose the gut or become the best version of myself possible, or even, have the audacity, to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex ( how blasphemous! ) . It could be argued that such a person does not accept who they are by default, and to compensate for their deficiency in esteem they want to “get big”. It’s is finally a matter of perspective and while surely a percentage of people will fall into the category of unhealthy overcompensation we’ll say, blanketing the whole group reeks of “hateration” and the most petty brand of trolling. Thanks to the internet ones intentions can be laid bare for all to see with no chaser. It’s up to us to discern if or to what extent a person is a fraud. But doesn’t this same formula apply to any given situation. I feel that “we” are being lied to as a group; I feel we are being marketed to in such a way as to deny the self-actualization instinct. A denial of the body that is religiously imprinted can explain the disproportionate spread of what I term as self-righteous fat people. I feel as though we are designed to move and it is a marked devolution we see in the sedentary lifestyle currently the norm. In writing this a rebellious spirit is growing in my heart which, having a more skilled pen I could being to describe but alas I can only hope to impart the traces of what I am feeling. SALUTE !
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Sound! Sound! Sound!

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I have a special kinship with sound, I am a auditory person. Just today while playing back a video I had recorded on Instagram I found myself , eyes closed, listening, rather than simultaneously viewing the video, to really grasp I must hear it seems above all else. But I am sensitive to sound, and I notice the ways sound is used to measure a person. An unruly group of dudes from your blind side project violent noise in your general direction, how do you cope? Do you tuck your tail or pretend to be invisible , quicken your pace and look away, so sad.
In the game of love woman are masters of sound I find, they make noises, laugh, get loud suddenly, all to get your attention and see your reaction and judge your confidence on in. Sound, don’t resist it, you are hearing it, it is being projected at you, now what? The Fray , definition 3, my own, to transmute energy, to deflect to the ground. It is not to reflect back what is being projected at you, let’s be very clear. Never give back tit-for-tat in the same frame of awareness. Always covey that ; I see what you’re doing and further convey a sort of master of these games, nonjudgmentally so, like a boss. So the fray, what of it you ask. In the case of sound being pointed at you , don’t immediately look in the direction it originates from, obviously your frame is stronger than theirs , it’s your world. Rather, casually look in the opposite direction as if something much more interesting and profound alerted you, they will look where you are looking as you have shown your world to be more real. And also it will prove that what you thought was happening WAS happening and not just you being paranoid, not to say anything is wrong with a bit of paranoia. Today a group of chics sound bombed me. When I looked, it was the fat ugly one( surprise) , she was trying to disqualify me while the pretty one was looking down all innocently , I looked indirectly in their direction but ahead of them in such a way so they would have to meet my eyes as they walked past either to look away or meet my gaze, they looked away, I wasn’t creep mode, It’s about playing aloof like you don’t know what’s going on, like your just a dumb dude none the wiser. In other words I wasn’t making them uncomfortable which was ironically what they were looking to do to me, checkmate. This works for people who like to stare at you too. I don’t know, people I find like to stare at me, call me paranoid. I know how hot chic’s feel, really I do. They try to not be rude but also pretend to not notice all the attention, but alas I’m a dude I can’t be on some passive sh*t I will be seen as prey. So what to do , again Frey, deflect , deactivate… I just don’t have the time for stare-offs all day, especially with dudes. I know what it is, they want to ask me questions about lifting mostly. They want to salute me, they want me to salute them. A lot of times I do, I will see a dude trying to make eye contact with me up ahead but even before it happens I will say what up and be on my way. A woman usually white will try to deter you from possibly attempting to snatch her purse, so sad, with a penetrating stare, I look up over them, I see where the phrase walking with your nose in the air comes from. The main point is not to adopt the frame and psychology of the world, here the frey is your device. Enjoy ! SALUTE
– ST

The Climate in Miami right now a, black perspective…

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I must say, today the city was electric , unique and quantifiable, let me also preface that by stating the obvious, I’m black. I noticed a kind of honesty with my brushes with other “races” , like I was just another person enjoying the beautiful day, and not a would be thief if not carefully scrutinized till out of sight. In terms of non-verbal communication there was less guardedness, possibly solidarity? But alas still mostly just calculated tact thanks to the protests happening here. I’m a practical optimist who’s accustomed to more tacit slights that remind me I am black and they are not and this is how we dance. No noticeable difference in the black woman I met with but other races of woman were not as stuck up. That is not to imply that sistas were stuck up mind you. You know the type of white girl that baits you into looking her way via sound or energy, only to feign reproach at the mere suggestion that she might be interested in me, a black dude, disgusting. None of those shenanigans to report…
I don’t get how a dude that’s 6.2 and jacked by some standardsI guess, I don’t care,  could feel a need to dominate territory at the bars today ( white guy ) , and then starts to mimic my training routine WTF , as if to say I can do that too. I lie, I know well why it is, I emanate a vibe of godliness so people want to “hold that”, as in steal the vibe, not today jack! Like always I leave the pull-up bar because of unseen forces, the last straw is when I go to do pull-ups on the monkey bars and this … “dude” attempts to bogard the whole thing , I wasn’t aware that on the opposite side of the bars another dude was taking pictures of him; don’t look at the camera he implored while buddy posed on the bars as if doing a “legit” workout,sad, it would have be nothing were he to hsve said to me ; excuse me man would you mind waiting a second while I get this shot, rather than physically trying to take up space and force me aside through weak show of aggression. Because of which I did not move, I simply could not have, on everything I stand for. Another thing that happens sometimes is dudes ( usually non black ) will do things to interrupt your set, all this sideways homo sh*t that is unbecoming of a man and really sad. To close the loop on the monkey bar story I just stunted on them and walking away like I had just KO’ed a overzealous opponent in the first second of the first round, still, mind you , I’m calm as ever, that isn’t to say that being call is always the answer. All these things mind you are but footnotes in what was the most epic of days you could imagine, The water was cold enough to spiritualize, I practiced front kicks and did some anti-gravity movements that would probably be impossible save for the fact that I was in 3 ft of ocean water doing them. I did extensive stretching before I ran today, I like to take a day and really honor , bless, console my feet and ankles . To achieve this end I slide my feet in the sand for about 300 yards , forwards and backwards. I do slide-kicks, a combination of a double hop on one foot and a kick with the opposite foot about 6 inches high in alternation, stupid dope fresh .

On the way home I glace a chic from school, I just glance her and as we board the rail she speaks, I am short as she is with some dude but alas he is only a friend I gather from the way they were and she was paying me close attention. I tell her goodbye as we exit the mini-rail just to close the loop. Then I see them again at the top of the rail station waiting on another train, were going to the same direction exiting just one stop apart. I act surprised by the second meeting and ask if they were leaving Art Basel, true enough. I like her and want to smash but thirstiness is out of the question, principally so. We jive close to an hour then part ways , good sh*t my kin, will catch her later on. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s pure magic . SALUTE

As an added bonus find me on instagram/AquanautST for pics and musings paired with this current adventure!

NewBalance OR Vibram Minimal on feet…?

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NewBalance OR Vibram Minimal on feet.
For me The NewBalance Minimus are more seamless, my feet are wide and the Vibram LS tend to dig into my small toe causing some soreness at days end. , Vibram , not your fault ,I’m a beast ! . Yes the Minimus as of late have been my go-to shoe. I run in the Vibram and they reign supreme for me there, but just for rocking day to day I go with Minimus. SALUTE
– ST

Embrace Paranoia. ( thanks to Duncan Trussel ) …

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ST blue
I am para, I do not hear voices or think I am explicitly being hunted (maybe not ) . Yet I am a black man in America, woe is me, no thanks, just the facts son! I sense  I’m being racially profiled I sense I am being followed in stores, I sense that people judge me for the color of my skin, I sense that the police is my nemesis, so see I am paranoid . Yet I am healthy, happy, and winning, here’s why (because I’m a god b*tch !!! )  . But seriously,  I embrace the paranoia I don’t resist it.

How to embrace paranoia you say?  For example, you enter a store and the security guard blank stares you as you enter, rather than resist the obvious response, embrace it, notice I dont paint what that response might be. Then imagine everyone and everything is focused on you, every sound and ever object is directing its attention towards you. “My” theory ( I think ) , when someone stares you down the tendency is to zero in on them and block out all other sensory input. To become dazed by the sometimes primal chemical changes occurring in your body rather than to contextualize the event, that’s the response the security guard in this case is trying to implicit, I’m watching you, I know who you are. By devouring the world with all your sense you become one with everything and an all-powerful M*therF*cker ironically. Paranoia is good, devour your environmental sensory input and become a god, don’t put up walls tho … ! SALUTE

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Catch Wreck ( google ) …

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Today, today I caught wreck, I exploded into a trillion stars dude. I beasting at the track. Sprints, sprints, on grass on foam on air , dude. I don’t know if the old man how asked me to race  was holding out because I’ve seen him smoke people on the regular. I won against  him twice no heat, it wasn’t of course about that at all. Here you have two runners  religiously catching wreck what’s more. Of course the track got packed after spectators witnessed the fun happening, the more the merrier, dive in to the zone babe, I say. SALUTE !


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