Why Lie. ( about untrueS).

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Why Lie ( the case for untruth ) …

Do I owe my enemies the truth, I woe at the mirror, has my honesty been made a leash. Now tell the truth I am  demanded! Disgustingly jugular, to go at a good dude in this way. Me vomiting is to blatantly lie! Now I am poised to send them off on winding roads, through wetlands beset by blackness leading them to  fathomless depths. Away from me, I know, it is simply contempt at someone who has a code. Afterall I’m just a liar ! SALUTE – ST




A lotus “Heater” Lotus Tea & Happiness!

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Blue lotus, waterist

A deconditioning agent! The f*** if I’m not gonna have a psychological advantage among the mildly psychopathic masses! It not they’re fault, that’s not the point they were conditioned you see. But poison is poison with sugar added or stevia so f* that!

Let us begin!

The Best lue Lotus tea saves! Drink blue lotus tea – I promise! Whats it tase like ? Potency , it’s a rich dark florescent green, a buttery green tea I  say . All the reviews speak of its subtle euphoria and aphrodisiac effects – here here. A nature guide  from the environmental center at my work put me on. Dude blessed us ( shout out homie ! )  with a few plants and I have had them for nearly 2 years now. I’m learning more and more about the right aquatic   environment to raise them in .  I love watching them respond to my subtle variations in the water. I can hardly export the  blessed way I  feel for having been introduced to this beautiful flower, life purifier. I am naturally edgy because of sh*t ive seen over a life time. Murders ( S )   racism haterism, just plain pressure, no complaints here just the real . The effects of the lotus just give me a buffer zone and also ease’s  my tendency to an adrenal response. It orients my attention towards a general feeling of wellbeing which is honestly my god given natural state! I pondered it, this is what it must have been like as a kid experiencing everything for the first time, the world vast and new taking it all in care free. The lotus causes me remembrance, which is key, it lightly reminds me to shrug at dumb sh*t and keep it flowing. I read a keen review today, addressing those with dissatisfaction with the so called blue lotus  , they may  not be in touch with their body they said. I second that, as again the effects are  subtle,  which is perfect to me because I don’t need much,  just a light edge as I am already ready. It will not just cover you like a more powerful high some may expect. I feel a tingling on the surface of my skin and my joints are more flexible and mild soreness from exercise is highly reduced, more range of motion and more production with weighted exercise itself. Meditation is super felt, I actually feel like I’m on recharge, just adding on to my powers. As I have meditated over the years meditation itself   has turned me to subtle energy so I probably experience an even more rarefied effect with the lotus in part. I am more in tune the with trees the breeze the bees of course the ladies are choosing heavily as they feel the vibes that add and do  not subtract, very important  my son. I can write on but I wish you luck on your journey and power! SALUTE – ST


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Untitled1SMD Biaaachhh!

That’s just how I feel, yes, meant as the most primitive insult, from the gut. You want to project negative energy at me. In return I project my dick! The whole setup is to make you a b*tch in the game, I been saying it forever! You mentally enslave them and own they’re energy, make them battery packs yo! I think to myself, they don’t really want war, but my gut tells me all they can understand is uncivilized sh*t, no problem. I do it when I am being stared down, I project my life force energy back at them, it’s no way i’m going to turn down haters!. You don’t have to even direct your attention at them, just beam out your testicular fortitude at them hoes! The visceral reaction to being in the presence of greatness is what? Hatred. I don’t see why , I have only admiration for others, bless-up ! I think there is abundance for the willing. Like I said , for “the willing”. You want me to NOT know myself. That I was born a champion and that the game is of control of the ignorant sheep. F*** out of here yo, suck my DICK ! SALUTE
– ST

We’re Here cuz…

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Forces . Bring Forth The Storm

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– ST



Creating Fires ( Some make it rain , we bring heat ) …

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I go into a mode, I implode. I give license, I bestow,  that’s what um here for. As a bee for pollination. One  of these days I’ll video it. How I stoke & turn-up the environ’s i’m in, but it’s not “me”, but the spirit moving through me . I learned that movement is the magical elixir #catharsis-mode . Action is superior to inaction said Krishna to Arjuna in the GITA an epic battle of the heavens, I agree. Or rather it is, I or no I .  The fire in me is that of revolt to social conditioning – the caste . Expressing the energy which is the creative force of the universe and sh*t . I speak only of movement and of action, that is the only thing real, we say but what do we do. Be not had by the contrary words that form around you . Actions speak louder than words my kin – stoke sh*t  ALREDY ! SALUTE

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Force of Nature part 2 !

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Today I’m peaked,  #murkathon, to the point to where I feel electrified. Suddenly who should magically appear as I round the corner of the track headed to the bars but  THEE – Force of Nature, RUNNING, she was. RUNNING to meet me says my ego brain-computer, she must have seen me before I saw her through the fence of the track , now she’s  “walk-running” in my direction from the parking lot tho, binary stars I say!

I go, hey, no running on the grass ( or some sh*t) . She scoffs then smiles, she then asks me where I’m coming from, I say, Africa. Yes I say Africa, don’t ask me why it was spontaneous, maybe because she reminds me of Africa, in the realest sense, pure and uncut . Spitting from the survival scrolls son! As she passes by I’m like F this I’m going all the way in. I ask her where she’s going. Africa,  she pauses then  spits back like it was the obvious answer . Africa I reply, it’s right here with my arms outstretched – being spontaneous  again . She got game ,as she prances off the other way. I head over to the pull-up bars and she doubles back with a friend ( perhaps who she was running to meet in the first place ). Puzzled now I couldn’t think of what else to say – wits end and they stroll by . The plot thickens, I don’t know what I’m liable to say, but I’m on the case, no pressure! SALUTE

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