What is FOOD

This will be ongoing, as I am certain to neglect something here … Food is energy basically , considering that the human body is ultimately an organic mechanism, beautifully designed, you should really feel blessed to own, though some feel owned by it .  If  we came equipt with a users manual a lot of needless suffering would be avoided on the physical level, there are sacred text which help to harmonize us with the one,  they all read like poetry to the heart. The purpose of the body is to go beyond the body’s physical limitations ,  that is not to say we should denounce our flesh-housing  whatsoever. Lets imagine it to be an Antennae which connects us to a greater source if we allow , once connected to this source we are indeed our body and much more ALL inclusive , capable of amazing feats.  Certain foods aid to this end while still others lower our conscious vibration.  Ironically less & less food is needed the more we gain connection to the oneness & supreme energy surrounding us.  I will in no way prescribe a certain diet to anyone as we are all unique and require a diet based on our own physical makeup.  Moreover, you already have an idea of a sound eating style that works for you, weather or not you adhere to it or not is on you. As for me, I mix the best of all cultures, seems to me that health food stores do nothing more than pimp what are eating traditions of indigenous cultures at a very high price.  But the ultimate price for blatant disrespect of our body-temple is sickness, food for thought…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 29, 2010.

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