Physical Energy

Everything is related to energy, when our vibration is low we  are the target for low energy happenings , sickness & dis-ease depression so forth. Physical exercise  is a means of keeping ones vitality if not optimal, near steady increase.  You may have observed the difficulty’s presented to ones self once mental fatigue/stress take whole.  Laziness then presents itself at every turn preventing us from raising the vital life force energy need to manage day to day .  The prevalence of quick energy drinks normally dominant in  sugar & caffeine are the usual remedy for this problem, though the long term effects of these substitutes for “energy work” do not justify the minimal benefits. Your exercise routine is a very powerful weapon in your life, a form of meditation and clearer of all blockages in ones energy body.  We are taught that exercise makes us weak in the interim, do this experiment… On the day you feel really depleted ( which is usually ) by daily events so forth, to the point where you are dead set on diving into bed to rest. Go do your exercise routine instead, you will be surprised to see how your energy level raises as you overcome the day to day grind.  You might even gain a new insight related to the insignificant & trivial reality of most our worries.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 1, 2010.

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