What is HEART !

Now when we speak of the heart or heart; it goes off into many aspects. When one exhibits spontaneous courage while at once presented with unfavorable outcomes, it is then told that he or she “possesses heart”. The heart is also called the center or core as in “heart of the matter”. Heart is also the known  symbol for  love . We too know heart to be our intuition/inner-voice , as in “in my heart I know I was wrong” ( too too often we ignore, through ignor-ance )  . Next we jump into some deeper under/over-standing ( under-water) .  In the west (western thinking) , it is the brain or the mind that guides us we are taught, in error , this seems so foreign to my understanding. As foreign as night form day as water from clay, even more foreign… The heart IS far far faster than the calculating brain, It knows at once whereas the brain juggles variables in its own interest, mistaking itself for rationale . Much of the chaos that divides us is un-rational yet it continues reguardless, we can show how this society appears to be heartless.  Let us speak from the heart no matter what is at risk, let us  have heart where others wither. This has a   rejuvenative  effect on one, as fear is overcome in this way, more on fear to come,  as we know heart/love & fear do not mix well ( at all )  , therein lies the cause to senseless violence &  bloodshed, the un-mixable  …


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 5, 2010.

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