Energy Thieves!!!!!

Energy Thieves

As a natural progression in life, in course of time we WILL cross paths with spiritual vampires. Know them by the need they have to instill guilt & fear into your awareness/mind. You can be dancing through your day & upon encountering such a type you will be thrown into a lower layer of at best frustration.  They are parasitic without knowing it as upon confrontation they will dismiss your protests to them as YOU over reacting. Here we have a character constantly stabbing at your spirit & when they strike a nerve they invariably deny everything. Do not attempt to change them as they are not your problem, this is after all the objective of this type to bully you into they’re world through manipulation. A world of misery  and depleted energy.  Do not share your life with such types as this is a fruitless pursuit.  Flow !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 13, 2011.

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