ROBOTIX ( the emotional machines )

Alright, firstly I have to thank my comrade David who sent me “Robotix” all the way from France via the net( appreciation man ! ) .I recorded this track some years back , beat programmed on MPC proper ( I STILL fancy percussion routed through a drum machine/ mixer compared with computer everything beats, something about the drums ! ) Alas I would rather not recall all the hard drives that died on me, not to mention the zip files dormant with golden beats with potency ( the loss) . “What can be done”?…

This songs theme I cherish and pursue ad infinitum (see “Mind Virus” Circa 1999), how we are driven by directives not our own and  worst detrimental to our own fulfillment/happiness.I f#cking care about living the best life ever.  I live to drink the best nectars of life, as I am a artist B#ch*& 🙂  ( end tangent now) …

“Robotix is the study how we become machines, emotional machines. Devotional to bloody symbols, “things”. This resembles a robot , they act with no plot, they react to buttons being pressed. They know not, seeing not they are oppressed!”


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 13, 2011.

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