I’m Solid GOLD!

You may take for granted your fortune of being raised in a solid nurturing environment, not me.  For those who had to or who are still in the joyful business of “creating themselves”  I salute you comrades.  Truly having knowledge of self is something special, its like walking through a war zone untouched, by the blasts or flying metal fury (harm).

On my second cut of tea here & feeling like gold. More than feeling it is a “knowing”, remember your earlier programming was a way to keep a lid on the natural exuberance/passion/wonderment, sadly because most parents/guardians are not educated in the “subtle arts” shall we say ( parenting) “these days”!.


If all goes in accord , come next week I will/should  have my hands on a nice microphone with which to birth more beauty sonically, craigslist over ebay any day my friends.  ( Ebay ) You notice how if a buyer is not getting desired bids they just cancel an auction, is type-foul as me, exit…

Own your world



~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 13, 2011.

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