Facing the shadow Self

Have you ever worn a mask – Wyclef  Jean

Alas we come to the negative side of the self/ego, known in the field of psychology & dare I say it, the much maligned religion “scientology” as “Engrams”. In Sanskrit called “ Sanskara” they are stored negative memories responsible for so much self defeating actions. As I dive deeper in the abyss ( my dark side ) I resurface anew, a better man, counter intuitive is it? Well, the fearless explorer knows no end, so let me grown in darkness as well with light.

My coss to bear has been a deep pain of being misunderstood, up until now I have been  the proverbial  “peace maker” but wait. As Robert Greene so aptly noted in his Hood Classic “The 48 Laws of Power” and later noted in a more recent banger “The Art of Seduction”. Our primary  actions fall strategic.

That is to say, one weighs & considers various outcomes prior to  taking steps, for or against aggression. No matter how masked they appear in innocence, our  actions remains at basis strategic.  So as a “peace maker” I was really a mere coward afraid of conflict,  and of being out gunned in war.  Even deeper I could possible win the battle, and for me not fighting was the ultimate sign of victory, self sacrifice and all other such mumbo jumbo.  The moralist is often times the hypocrite & worst kind of tyrant as he said one thing and does another.

I would like to expose my soul  the world through art/words/vibes, unafraid unapologetic, unmasked, naked.  Come what may, because no shadow casted on me shall win. I embrace the dark!



~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Facing the shadow Self”

  1. They said Wyclef Jean had got shot. Then turns out he may have cut his hand.

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