The Beauty’s of Meditation

My friend’s, meditation has been by far the single most life enhancing discipline I have ever embarked upon. I can vaguely remember just a year or two ago when it was second to impossible for me to sit still & practice “the thoughtless state”. Somehow I had learned early in life to think my way out of problems rather than simply act in the moment. You see my friends, problems stem mostly from procrastination or rather over thinking, which is fed by self doubt/fear. Meditation has connected me back to my infinite potential which had been somehow mis-shaped by life experiences.

Anger the foothold

I’m keen to the scheme I swear, I learned that sometimes people will use anger as a means to topple you, to gain access to your frame, and destabilize you. Of course there are instances where anger is the appropriate “response” (notice, I didn’t say reaction) however, meditation gives one a buffer if you will a means to judge the situation from afar, rather than act reflexively against one’s own very will.

The Zone
Being in the zone is basically being loose, not approaching things with the need to control, going with the flow. In the zone all things work in our favor and there is no need to “force” anything. Meditation causes us to experience this state more and more rather than simply every once in a while. While in the zone we see life filled with possibilities & chances to discover new things. The zone is where it’s at.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Beauty’s of Meditation”

  1. Nice post.I used to meditate but fell off a while ago.Nothing goes together better like inner game as a PUA with meditation.

  2. so far as frame control, meditation is the ultimate . Any sh*t test will be deflected with an effortless oblivious air. “Bullet time” where Neo in the Matrix ( yes another Matrix reference please forgive 🙂 ) freezes time & objects is a suitable visual example of meditations effect. Its not that these things no longer occur but we are so much more faster than anything hurled our way that even speeding bullets appear to be moving in slow motion in comparison to a stilled frame of mind.

    ( bullet time )

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