Today I was moved to tears.

Just cruising along I was, vibeing  in the moment, and enjoying the subtle cool breeze .When approached a man who reminded me of my grandmas brother the late great Uncle Jale(?), he  appeared  to have had all his earthly belongings strapped to a bicycle. He waddled near and I intended to speak as we passed, as so often those more fortunate pretend not to see the struggle of others who may have lost out in the dice roll we call life. He turned and looked away as if shamefasted,  at least to my mind. I wanted to hand dude a few dollars for no reason at all , but I didn’t have! Only the worthless plastic  I had.

Might he be me in course of time? Could he make it back into an easier, more fulfilled life, thousands of such questions flooded my core  at once and I was overcome with sorrow followed by a flood of tears.  Then I became angry, then resolute, angry again then determined.  I have to do it for them, achieve the highest heights for the people who are forgotten & shunned, lost in the shuffle. How petty our bothers compare next to the struggling.

You could be one resolved in the fact that those people choose victimhood. In which case you may be keen. I can’t know, I don’t know.  To me, even still, life is much more than even we know, and such instances shock me to the ground, I then re-boot as fierce, with beginners eyes & a warriors heart. Exit.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Today I was moved to tears.”

  1. Deep article to reflect on bro’.

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