Robotix with Lyrics…

Robotix –  The Emotional Machines

Where you focus is where you go. So focus on this opus of his. His attitude is pro latitude. What you believe you weave there you go, a weaver of sorts, who sorts distorts of the deceivers in the sports of innuendo.  YO! I’m intrigued by the Haiku, so I’m wordy I’m “verbose”, I’m from the Dirty(South) where most is comatose anyway, JUST A REPORTER. I cater to disorder what is greater anyway. Reality is chaotic poetry it’s not logic anyway. Equalizer this, as I synthesize form with spirits. It’s not that hard to disregard your idle lyrics is it ? I suppose, to rhyme to propose to hoes as if, your rhymes are you are.

I am he tested am I predestined to do wrong? What you will call genetic yall was embedded all along. My feeling is strong from dealing with the lies. Perception wheeling, here misconception dies from a mere, unpeeling of disguise so adhere.

Robotix is the study how we become machines emotional machines, devotional to bloody (English slang) symbols things, this resembles a robot, they act with no plot they react to buttons being pressed. They know not, seeing not they are oppressed!

That which angers you  it hits the switch, the banger you undo no longer you “wrong-er” by the inch crammed programmed to flinch drench in raw pain I saw the enraged as being flaw, encaged all the same. Robotix I uncover it to discover it in my life to not be so robot like .


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 29, 2011.

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