True Authentics ( A few super humans I just so happened upon while diving from cloud to cloud. )

Authentics : A few super humans I just so happened upon while diving from cloud to cloud.

Those who exhibit timeless realness – I salute you

Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda


He is my spiritual leader, never have I connected so deeply with a living spiritual master. The purest being I have ever witnessed .I thank the creator for having discovered this light being. His teachings are profound, life changing and not stale or antiquated whatsoever. Dude is rather hip, and pimps in a way, no disrespect.  I mean these things in the best sense. Actually I have begun to adorn myself with the finest things as a show of self respect, and I guess biting his style, the presence of god, being that we are all connected and infinite its only right.

I was deeply troubled and mad as f*ck when he was falsely accused by the other side ( foes ) . It’s like accusing a newly born child of being born is sin, madness. Yet I was at once renewed by the way he broke the back of the foes. I am inspired when I see the very best responses to life drama possible, without a single shot fired ( Sun Tzu ).


This guy is one of the illest writes I have seen online. Not only is the brother quick witted and thorough. Dude does not shy away from war, usually the other side will resort to shape shifting an issue rather than breaking it down in a sterile environment free of contaminants to be dissected properly. I saw how he handled a situation wherein false claims were made against him, his site was shut down by the host prematurely and dude just kept pushing with a new cloud with even stronger content.

Particularly the GAME theory I am enjoying as of late. Brothers helping brother is sadly at present a thankless task, only when announced then agreed upon in a public why by the usual suspects(exactly). But the GAME knowledge being dropped on his blog is second to none for brothers such as myself who in the past were to a great extent, flies on the way in the greater PUA community.

Gary Null

Unrelenting knowledge bringer, this dude is no joke; he has been around forever and a day. Talking health and progressive politics look no further. He does not pander he does not give a sh*t about his critics he will invite them to discuss the matter of disagreement, so yes he is down to go to war if needed.

His critics follow the usual script of throwing a rock and hiding they’re hand from the light of day. I higly recommend his products and the information being freely offered over at his site is rich & endless. Go see for yourself.

Brother Freeman

I have always had the attitude like F the middle man. I always hated the experience of being chosen to be hired for a job. I always felt somehow the whole thing was a dam scam. I saw how proficiency was not the determining factor in being “chosen”. It was about who likes who and all the typical cliché sh*t.

The brother freeman breaks the money game down to its raw essence. Exposing these fancy clowns for being what they really are. Pretend to be rich ,posers, fake it till you can’t make it type cats . Ready for war and sharing knowledge with the masses having no underline agenda of fame seeking. He hips cats to the money game in a manner that serves as an adrenaline shot to the heart, or better yet shock treatment to a would be business man or woman’s soul .

I admire how all these men handle challenges with a type of unmovable center. I am working on my core daily, hopefully to become something like a spiritual entrepreneur  with game and intellect unmatched.  These are a few of the people who add value to my day and I salute them.  Since your online seek out such people rather than the same cliche  B.. why not?


More Authentics  to be crowned


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 14, 2011.

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  1. Very very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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