Obliviousness The Road To POWER

Being oblivious to body language has its advantages. You won’t notice how deeply entrenched in a particular culture you really happen to be until you’ve vibed in remote corners of the planet, it’s a very beautiful thing it is. Your absolutely blind to the subtle gestures people can make when they feel threaded by your presence , like dropping arms to both sides or donning an iron scowl meant to knock its object ( you ) self consciously off center. Or the more traditional blatant purse clinch meant to feign concern as you approach ( classy ), doesn’t happen, nor the fake hello’s, it’s a beautiful thing, it is. It’s not like the same social dynamic of stereotyping doesn’t exist in foreign places don’t get me wrong, well sense your none the wiser to them they might as well be invisible, like a theory.

Perhaps one reason Immigrant Blacks come here and excel is because of this very fact, obliviousness. It affords one much needed energy to succeed rather than internalize negativity which is stifling, by design.And over course of times has a tendency to make one bitter and stagnant. Well, here at Water-ist we do not fancy victim consciousness only observation & elevation babe. So true to form ( water ) let me submit my counter strategy to folly the negative body language design to lower your vibe. Counter body language, the body language of belonging, of a champion of a god. There’s body language that invites or even provokes negative feedback and then theres its opposite; “Flow”.

Flow is what is knows as Being In State in the  PUA  community or what Michael Jordan referd to simply as The Zone. In it you will indeed become oblivious to the petty lower nature of people and tune yourself to the higher vibrations around you which will attract favorable outcomes. Un-clutched flowing body language suggests that you are not particularly cautious or fearful and thus set all in your presence at ease, see how that works? One last thing, do not ever base your state on your surroundings, let the vibe come from within and project a I run this city energy everywhere you go and soon you will my friend, and soon you will.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 22, 2011.

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