“Exercise As Rites of Passage”

The devil can’t stop me from training –   ST

I don’t know if this has been touched on in depth elsewhere already. I was struck by this idea during a AM 6M run through the hood . Both physical & psychological hurdles must be overcome in order to achieve warrior status. The reward of achieving what were once thought insurmountable goals is above nearly any state of being I have ever experience.  These translate into life lessons by way of hard work & dedication not unlike boxing or martial arts training. Currently were training under an old school boxer whose methods while tedious are producing the kind of results I thought not at all possible. We truly over estimate our fitness until a true test presents itself. That’s why I urge all to train in groups if possible your gains will transcend your EGO’s pain buffer which only says :”that-suffices ,that-suffices”  ( bitch slap the ego to sleep )

On to more subsurface observations I notice while on the grind getting right. ( On some Waterist ish )

Forces of nature act on other forces of nature – Why in this truth find sorrow – The Gita

Yes HATERS. Being a student of life/observer   I notice a certain type who during our run attempt to somehow   kill our vibe to no avail of course. The Car-Nazis want to play a game of chicken at stop sings as you near when they could easily have went already. The animal side of the human is interesting & the subconscious is F-ing wild. Anyone can get right ,maybe not to the level of an athlete but there is no need to compare your progress to anyone else . Take the position, its I VS I  and your right we accept the box and work within its limits  rather than to abscond.

Yesterday some wierdo random person  mentions they saw us running earlier I reply word that was us ( the end ). I mentioned to coach and he said get ready for the haters, you might have to smash someone. For the life of me I can’t picture myself more apt to hate on positivity than get involved in it but it is what it is.  Envy is a bitch curse. The lessons learned in the process of facing adversity are indeed blessings. For any traveler on this road, salute, I know its tuff & merciless out there in the world of clones . Let our training elevate us all and make us into fearless leaders with right-knowledge right-wisdom & the right-understanding. Amen.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 30, 2011.

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