We’ve Evolved – By AquanautST ( with rhymes written in text )


He whose heart is light as a feather only they will be divine – cant keep holding sh*t inside

I welcome you as you are, come as you are – Every thing in flux which means flow.

Which means rich at the crux by any means glow – Be a “deluxe lux” bestow.

Let not any down the next fellow– Let me not hex drown as I bellow condemn.

An aquanaut from below cannot become dim – Even tho’ I swim amid black holes.

Those who are undid vessels and lack souls – Live and let live even those.


Some people feel judges taxed and can’t relax let go – I hold no grudge unfold fret no, harm!

Disarm as it goes, be no petrified – Decide at once to sweat no nuance vibe.

This is aquanaut renaissance time – ride.!

Chorus: Nobody else my notice how you changed grown evolved – They rather see us caged in their frame.

Strange how we cage the ones we love we dissolve – Never really see he or she at all!

~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 3, 2011.

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