Invite Conflict Hardship & Struggle oh & Haters too!!!

Paradoxically, in being forthright with my approach ive pretty much squashed 99% of the petty conflict day to day.
The problem with diplomacy is “grey area”, and we know well the tendency on the part of blokes to take libertys in theyre own favor. I make clear where I stand and draw the proverbial line in the sand come what may.

I havent always taken this road though , formally the ( facepalm ) “peace maker” ( hurt my heart to type ) and i’m sure to the uniniciated it would appear as though I were overreacting like someone who had been pushed to far & is unable to guage the prober response to life situations constantly snapping for the slightest thing, nope.

I’m not beyond reproach but by far I notice my confidence has soared to epic levels thusly, and since I am a rightous man I know intutivitely via “bat sense ” if infact I did over reach, and fix it.

On ocassion i’m “given” ( unrequested *cough) “advice” from well meaning folk, aimed at making my life easier.
I thank them for caring I do. But since I am closer to failure than success in my life closer to brokeness than finantual freedom I cannot embrace the easy road. There is too much work to be done on my part to recline, I embrace struggle and hardship for that reason. Even WAR.

Not in a narasistic way, not at all, but it amazes me to what extent people are willing to settle in squaller.  I’m dumb founded by what is possible for one to get use to. I have seen people living in hellish conditions or worst only to escape through drugs & watching TV ( f*** that! ) .

I write because I have to, seriously, I cant NOT write by no means am I where I plan to be by no means am I a scholar.
View this blog simply as a travel log. I’m just saying, the tendeny on the part of the “thoughtful” among us to weed themselves out of the pissiblilty for greatness makes me angry as F***
Why should snakes fakes take all the cake, we should be as violent in the right way as vile in the right way and as serious about getting the nectar of life if you will, in the right way based on the situation.
Attack life.

Walk in light


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 15, 2011.

One Response to “Invite Conflict Hardship & Struggle oh & Haters too!!!”

  1. I like, Good Read. Keep it coming

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