Mans Search for meaning is the real deal

As a person with great interest in the field of psychology I’m pretty keen to spot the wishy washy sh*t . Most of which remains what I term counter spirit and leading towards a unearned  power only revealing the ego of its spell casters. We might refer to psychology as a religion in that, its pushers need a leap of faith on the part of the masses in order to have any basis whatsoever. The over medication of America is sickening and these people should be seen for what they are criminals but I digress as i’m sure your hip to that already.

This guy Viktor Frankl on the contrary really kept it real with his work MSFM. I urge anyone
interested in  the human condition to read this book its ETHER for sure. How he tells of not being ready to die, of his lifes work not being complete really hit home. You ever have a sense that through it all a favorable outcome awaits. Dude really goes in on the will to survive and having purpose, enjoy.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 17, 2011.

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