Combat Social “Placement” ( Break FREE )

Nothing more disgusts me than a lion behaving as a mouse would – ST

Being somewhat of a “tool” in a institution I confront this dynamic often enough. I honsety thank the “droids” for inspiring my art & forcing me to confront stupid social conditioning. Now on to the feature…

Senario : My “boss” is friends with a co worker it has been illuded to in passing they attend the same soical gathering outside work and all that jazz cool with his wife has some stupid ass acknolegment of said droids birthday in the office.  So basically dude thinks that matters in terms of us getting things done as a group. The subtext here is … Droid – You know i’m cool with “the boss” so listen to my directions in that spirit  ST – Hell No . I make a point to NEVER act on what dude says for 1, I’m boss of me and I dont lend  power to droids no matter who they know. What I do is immediately when droid gives order I will  ask another nearby co worker if what we should do is as follows ( pissing off droid ) ( 1. Point Waterist ) We almost faught before, first week I started infact, I told dude I noticed how he tried to make me look stupid in front  of “the boss” dude  got amped “right infront the office entance” ( classic ) I nearly split his sh*t if not for intervention ( a boring story dont worry ) Read 33 Strategy’s of War  . Following that event dude didnt say sh*t to me for weeks all the better, I guess that social placement sh*t = FAIL for dude, I  digress.

It is very difficult to reprogram the reflexive response to who the masses regard as “high status people” however trivial teh status may be. You will feel compelled by extention to a group to submit to the “authority figures” who you may not even respect or even KNOW for that matter, because thats what most people naturally do, its deep.

In society we accept our place based on class economics race education ect . Its amazing to what degree this is so, even below conscious radar. A person will cave in to mere symbols of power ( the police ) having nothing whatsoever to hide. Then on the opposite end of this dynamic we have those who, observe you act in  obliviousness to” invisable-status- barriers” try and
force you back into what in theyre eyes is your rightful low status place as they, i.e. “plantation negros”. Acting like they know you.

Lets zoom in here a moment fam. Don’t you hate when MFs who have accepted theyre lower placement in society try to bring you to such acceptance or paint reality where in higher forcers are to be kneeled before, get out of your confort zone more MF’s. Since a child we have been pushed into accepting a certain lot, a certain plot, a certain story about the world.

Family is expert at holding us to a particular story which is why out of desperation for a life many escape they’re own kin folk.  Since a youth you were told where you fit in and why, usually based on the limits of whosoever is queing you in. I’m not saying become a total ass towards anyone instructing you whatsoever, not at all. I’m insisting that based on your own rules live, understand how to a great extent  your placement in “these holograms” are the  function of social control intended to enslave your spirit and make you obedient to rule, a droid. Question it at ever turn ever glance everywhere. Break FREE.


Work Place War Strategy – Never under any circumstance give the appearance to your boss that you dislike someone they are cool with, NEVER complain to the boss about said individual. It will only cause status of the mack to raise in  rank in the group from the bosses perspective. But you already knew this. Feel free to share more work place war strategy in these economic times its serious business tho…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 18, 2011.

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