Black Man Shine ( haters pay attention )

Black Man Shine
I’m vexed people heres why. I just realized that as a black man every body want a piece of you. Every body thinks they have a say into your life.  Your most hated. They actually think by treating us “normally” they’re doing a charatable act deserving or a F’ing noble peace prize and sh*t. They treat us like adollencents. Woman think you want them no matter how fugly and out of shape or pale flabby & flat assted they are. Were suppose to be thirsty for anything right? Being blatantly starved of affection from desirable woman by design right?

In the work place everyone wants to compete, make you look stupid or one up you, these are your supposide co workers. But if you retaliate no one knows anything, and your over reacting, exactly.

We get all these fucking crazy expressions from people in the streets even from other blacks not to mention officer friendly . And were sppose to somehow rise about it all and still be happy go lucky in light of psychological warfare being waged against us ad nauseum . The problem is if you do go the happy go luck Zen path your manhood is in question and you will be tested even by peons you could crush with a hard ( I will beat your face in ) stare. No one wants a black man happy thats all too it.
So long as were reactive and in a passive state all is well. I think the unwritten rule in america is to intefer with the progress of men on the rise especally positive ones not engauged in self destructive behaviour.

They know we dont want to become “a statistic” and they use it against us isnt that some foul sh*t . And you know what, all these games we deal with still cant stop us ,i’m not saying we are invincible and sh*t . But obviously weak people dont make it this far so my sh*t is to shine regardless. We have  strength that is feared and its not a physical thing. Its just the way we move on the pavement our use of words and power of pressence. Keep shining my niggas ST.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 22, 2011.

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