Mental Funerals – Chapter 1. ( Imagine your enemies as being dead & gone )

Mental Funerals Chaper 1.

How about when people tie you to a not so pleasant chapter in your life. Perhapsed you wronged them out of ignorance or maybe they have dirt on you so they imagine. This will be the bomb they drop when they observe you gaining confidence and making power moves in your life. They wait in the shadows, keeping close watch on your life. So long as you appear defeated they remain idle. Start to live a productive  life and they will orchestrate a conflict where they can first ellude to and if that fails flat out drop that bomb on you from your past hoping to kill your spirit and send you into a cave somewhere.

These people are no worth the air they breathe and should be seen for what they really are, PEONS. In its simplied form this could be called people who judge but I am suggesting something deeper than that more poisonous. These are folk who wish to control you throught gilt & shame & fear , the moralizers. They are the biggest hypocrites, using guilt as a weapon because they themselves are haunted by it. Caught in they’re own past as to never escape and yes mysery loves…(exactly).

Having a certain level of humanity, in the past we valued eveyone the same, thus giving undue access to the heart to all and anyone who we know. Friends & foes, they know this, which is why they dont f*cuk with real actual k*llers,  they aim at who they perceive to be, “humble” cut them off this sh*t here must end.

Have a mental funeral for anyone attemting to enslave you psychologicaly or physically. Imagine them already dead, harsh as it may seems, are they not aiming to kill your spirit? You must mentally bury your foes, give them not a second more of concern imagine that they never existed. Feed them to the maggots where they belong,  & eternal fire.

Pardon the harshness fam but people who attempt to kill your spirit deserve no mercy whatsoever.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mental Funerals – Chapter 1. ( Imagine your enemies as being dead & gone )”

  1. Well said. Mental funerals poppin off today bro.

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