Black Beans & Brown Rice ( check my steez … )

Black Beans & Brown Rice ( check my steez … )

Ok this 1 is non meat , however all are invited to remix as you see fit. And now, with no futher ado
Black Beans & Brown Rice by ST.

Stroll down to “Ready” if in a hurry. Peace

Were going to extract the maximum range of taste + flavor & benifit from this dish fam so take time and as always prepare food in the “right spirit”. I wouldn’t dare eat food prepared with anger, call me superstitions cool. Be thankful as many are not so fortunate to experiment with cooking in leisure thats the vibe. This is high art lets go!

I’m not giving exact measurements for all ingredients  a waterist  cooks purely with vibes though I will give some specifics on occasion.

Lets begain with our black beans fam, soak them for atlese 8 hours in a container of water. The beans will naturally soak in the water so try to use the best water available to you at the time ( spring water should be fine ) . Notice how soon the beans soak up the water the first time around now add more water until your beans are completey covered. I almost forgot to say you should initially clean your beans . Ideally we want to use water + lemon or food grade hydrogen poroxide or baking soda etc, to clean them any of those means will work.

Our rice we will rinse atleast 4 times in a container until water is clear with no artifacts left in the rice.

So your already bored of reading this drawout recipe ? I bet you wont have the same opinion once you put it all together for company & see theyre faces light up like never before.


On to the heat we go, ready ? Ok. Add beans and rice in ( seperate ) stock pots add water until atleast 4 inches of water are above the beans & 2 to 3 inches cover your brown rice . Put your rice on 6 or 7 medium verging on above medium heat and your beans initally on 3 verging towards low heat ( we soaked the beans to reduce cooking time and thus retain max flavors ) Add sea salt to taste in both your beans and rice ( if you come up on uncrushed sea salt even better ) . Add extra virgin olive oil to your beans more is better. Ok lets focus directly on our black beans a sec. So far we have added evoo & sea salt, now we add 2 lental tea bags to the beans ( tare open tea bags and apply as seasoning ) Find where Badia teas are at your grociers its not essential if you cant find it however paprika is next, you cannot completely activate the flavors stored in black beans without adding paprika you want it to be a dominant ingredient in the beans so 3 to 4 tbsp should suffice more is better. I add curry to everything and here is no exception add curry power to taste cant go wrong there. Mix things up now then turn the heat down to 1 and put the cover on the pot for like an hour, slow and steady wins the race friends.

On to your brown rice. Add 2 to 3 tbsp of coconut oil to your rice this is the key ingredient so more is better. Sea salt to taste and… Thats all . Throw a top on it turn heat down to say 4 or 3 , give it 15 minutes say until the rice is nearly ready, I baby my rice going down to low heat and adding more coconut oil if needed .The coconut oil will liven things up enough properly but you may and should want to throw in your favorite herbs in there, I do so once the rice is nearly ready. As a final FINAL touch  I add a hand full of bean sprouts to this dish when on my plate  you have genius level flavors and textures going on folks.

Invite friends & family over to enjoy the vibes and good eats, some good music and laughter mission complete.



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