“Positive Thinking” Is “Entertainment”…

Positive Thinking IS Entertainment

It beats watching individuals tare eachother down on “reality” tv shows for a prize name & fame or watching as roided up MMA fighters bloody the face of the next man for less than a few stacks if that. I would rather gain knowledge  reading and or listening to positive vibrations knowing however like a redbull caffine kick the high will gradually fizzle. Creating over consumption any day yes sir.

Books about “thinking positive” are merely entertainment and should be kept in context, not to be clinged to for dear life. Do not avoid conflict nor disorder by trying to “stay positive” move with purpose and strength my friends never appeasement in mind. A self help junkies I am not more into kingdom building. Brick by brick a solid foundation is being prepared. Knowing full well the likelyhood of postponement and failed legistics also fatigue.

Imagine the kingdom in your mind work towards it steadily when the chance presents itself act swiftly even if you missed your “positive thinking” fix on that day…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 25, 2011.

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