Why The Thoughtful MUST Fight…

Why The Thoughtful MUST Fight…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – JFK MLK

War is bloody & futile the thinking man reasons. The thoughtful is just in choosing other than the sorry path of bloodshed by defalt.  Much of todays battles are of a more feathery nature where violence means destroing the livelihood of ones foe or ruining ones reputation so a feather used to sign away folks lives. We are indeed governed by bodies who bathe in destruction studied in utter madness, anti-life so what to do? Are we to allow the most baser of men/women to go unchecked, dirty politicians unbuffered, again what can be done. Each day we are tested as we are indeed forced to deal with the power structures about . Be it in bussiness or society in general we are compelled by a sort of “political gravity”. Where situations arrive do we take charge or idle by thus defer to the power hungry dumb asses among us like cowards.

Politicians make claims to a religion usually the most popular with potential votes. Is it worth noteing however how contrary to most belief systems these politicians actions rest. I will, and we are given chances daily to tip the scale back in favor of the decent and dare I say “rightous” among us, do we forgo these challanges. Yes the tactics of the gratuitously power hungry are beneth us, vying for favor and the good graces of those who “count”. Eagerly awating the chance to belittle who is thought to be weak and vulnerable unschooled in the fine arts of f*ckery & backstabbing. Inferior is evil yet widespread through silence of the thougtful among us. Let me lead rather than cower back let me vocalize rather than remain silent through fear amen.


Now hear this…


In the Classic The Bhagavad Gita Arjuna faces what is possibly  the worst kind of battle, he is confronted with the delima of destroying his own relatives on the battle field in aid of peace. This is the greatest story ever told regarding righteous war & life totally.

The plot thickens near 6 minutes in the clip its the first chapter of the book itself, your welcomed


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