A Favorable Outcome for us all my friends!

I ride this waveform below  like a true aquanaut surfer totally

Authentic Approach on tap – ST

So that dude ST the illest with pen Miami may have ever produced and generally the coolest dude in the room what is he up to with all this metaphysical/new age-ish writings hes on. You know we stay winning fam, favorable outcomes are ment for you and yours us and we, check this…

I had a talk with my uncle yesterday about music hes a big Hendrix fan so dude knows his sh*t. We got off into the lack of depth in popular music today you already know. Prompted by this happening…

2-3 houses down they were having a kid of 5-6 years party, you know with the jumping house in the yard BBQ on grill and of course the DJ ( you already know ) All I heard was “make it rain b*tch make it make it rain b*tch” blasting throught the speakers as I passed by the house on the way to see my folks, I mean blasting up and down the block.

What an age appropriate tune for kids to soak in and parrot word for word dont you agree( ? ). Funny thing is I was telling my aunt about it when my uncle darted into the front door. I had visited them to fix theyre  wifi and do a virus kill on theyre PCs . Turns out unk passed by the party and let them know what he though of the “musics’ “inapropiateness” ( more like f*ucked-up-ness ) did I not mention it was a party for a 5 year old.  People sure do know how to rear youths these days man.

For me it spoke to a deeper issue, the dumbing down of the average music listener & the fact to me that music just represents the vibe of a certain time. And thus we have a plethora of dare I say liberally  “music” ( more like sonic trash ) about making it rain and were not talking native american here, its “our people” ( serious face ) .

As I was building with my fam words like depth & purpose and even creativity were mixed in the righteous stew. I wont bore with recounting detalis I tend to be a bit cumbersome when retelling a story or so i’m told ( shout out you, yes eventually I was going to mention you, in a positive light “claro” ) .

So listen, I am making my music available via soundcloud/gamxy something like a dollar a song your welcomed to listen for free of course or buy a digital copy for the ipod we bring good vibes. A lot of whats offered at present is not “ear candy” if you will, when in comparison ( which I hate to compare ) to pop artists production in a zillion dollar sound studio. Heres the iront though. These guys are producing cookie cutter music with state of the art technology on tap ( death to autotune ). Stay tuned for high sonic quality as I aim for excellence as we grow. But in the mean times vibe with the unplugged ruggedness that is actually trying to bring dare I say, an earthy personal-ness vibe to the listeners ears. Dont be a stranger here I write out of compulsion I cant NOT write I gather. Peace



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 28, 2011.

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