Talking to yourself… ( power up )

watch the throne

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – Bible

We’ve all seen the guy or lady on the street shouting random things aloud or talking to an “invisable friend”. First thought that instantly comes to mind is that fool is crazy, let me pretend to ignore them avoid eye contact and give them 50 ft. Truth be told, even while your reading along now your having a conversation with you. Maybe your debating on  reading this at all. Maybe your thinking about the fact you havent had your coffee , perhapse reminiscing over a missed childhood friend, who knows…

What I do know is on the surface it cant be noticed but everyone around you is having a conversation with themselves, sometimes you can catch someone doing it, mumbling something to themselves but mostly it happens undetectably. The kind of internal conversation we are having is probally one of the most powerful things that can be hornesed for energy, I would include success but I don’t like talking about “success” until I reach it totally myself, I hate reading motivational sh*t from people who havent achieved what they speak of..

The crazy thing is that our internal chatter is usually stupid which is unfortinate because if we were to become aware of what we are telling ourselves at all times our lives will flow so much more smoother. I am developing the muscle of noticing what I am telling myself all the times and how I can keep that conversation with me uplifting,  I am constantly reminding myself to focus on favorable outcomes . Heres an example of how the defeated inner chatter plays out.

You see a girl right, and think to yourself , shes fly let me try her, then immediately the inner chatter will start in your head . You want her yet your ego will protect itself at all costs and find some excuse not to step, people are watching what if I get rejected, when I was 12 I got rejected by a pretty girl, if I get her others will think I dont desrve her, see how the inner conversation works ?

You probally think its normal, but having self defeating thoughts how can that be cool ? How can reflexive negative inner dialoge be normal, no we have not learned how to monitor the internal conversation. I said monitor not control, because it is more a matter of watching what we are thinking than trying to stop thinking all together which is impossible! When I go running, I am constantly yelling things to myself aloud not giving a dam what any onlooker may think. I tell myself things that activate my inner strength like, “be god”, “energy power one”, “connect to the power”, “take the crown”,”zone”… When I vocalize these phrases I get a energy kick that pushes me further whereas my inner conversation will be telling me sh*t like, you can slow down you pushed yourself enough, give up, your ankle is uncomfortable stop running.

See the inner conversation is partial to being “confortable” at all times, it doesnt want to be disturbed by you forcing it out of the patters it grown accustomed to. The inner convo fears uncertainty, it will actually keep us poor! F that …  Lets get this paper brokeness is a sin



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 29, 2011.

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  1. Nice post. Good advice. Zone!

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