Evil Christians ( Look, if it doesnt apply to you then duces, we’re cool )

Evil Christians ( Look, if it doesnt apply to you then duces, we’re cool )

I start this off by saying that  even the devil knew the bible and I will tell you another thing, ( READ ) I am not a christian though I do respect ALL religions INCLUDING Christianity READ (including ) .I am more on a spiritual path. If that disqualifies me from having a view, my own observation about “a certain segment” of people I interact with daily in life, frankly your just being ignorant as hell, and I would rather you not be here ( duces ).

All religions profess to bring us closer to god, I personally have chosen to exclude the interpreters as I see fit and connect with “the creator” dirrectly. I greatly admire The Vedic Tradition as It has as I see, gotten me closer to god than other teachings.

Stop reading right NOW if your intent is to find something to “be offended by”, you may be too rigid or fickle for that matter to even hear me out ( duces ) .  All the hatred of foreign religions LIKE Islam yes I said Islam & no i’m not a f*ucking terrorist, as I was saying all this hatred towards foreign religions in this country but evil christians have done more harm to me in my lifetime than any extremist sect.

They call themselves Christians yet they’re actions dont match, they run contrary to the most general tenants of Christ whose path was worthy or reverence as he lived & died for righteousness sake. I hate fake people who hide behind religion as moral authority’s, hating on others with a kind of self rightous tone, are they not wicked ? I once worked for a dude  who was a “minister” ( supposidly ), but where money was involved dude was the biggest hipocrit you could imagine, working us like slaves and ready to fire anyone who complained, leveraging the fact that we needed work/money desperately. And yet this dude, in conversations all he would do is talk about the bible and of course correct whomsoever seemed to have an opionion that didnt quite jibe with his own, what a coward.

Since I am AA ( African American ) I cant NOT comment on the sorry state of our culture which is made up of like 95% Christians, a church on ever corner ect ect you know already. I cant help but comment on the general negative attitude I encounter from there so called Christians. Curt franklin has a song out now called “Smile” and its a big hit on ( supposidly ) “black radio”, but you dont see it very often in practice out here in these streets.

I love my people but I hate how  blind eyed we are to the bull sh*t that goes on, the don’t snitch mentality. That sh*t makes it doubly hard for decent black folks out here who are READ the majority of us. Maybe i’m venting but just because you claim a religion don’t think your SAFE from view,  many psychopaths become  police simply because of a sick urge to harm people and get away with it, behind the badge they are terroristic and evil as well that is at the heart of what I am saying.  And in closing I want you to know if you are evil you are see through you are actually in hell no matter how many holy scriptures you can cite verbatim, again, the devil knew the bible.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 30, 2011.

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