The Art Of “Self Forgiveness” ( letting go of … )

The Art Of “Self Forgiveness” ( letting go of … )

While we all have heard about the notion of forgivness. Usually the premis goes as follows , forgive that we ourselves may heal.  In the act of forgivness we supposedely  become emotinally untethered to the harm caused us by some transpasser. Its a tough climb and truthfully I practice forgiveness I do, but more immediate for me is “The Art Of Self Forgivness” …

I’m not talking about bringing intentionally harm to people and saying “ I forgive myself” to avail your conscious. Your just lost, and since I have been on this positive vibration vibe I will further explain, my writings have been brightly tented in this way as of late, so bare with me…

Blaming yourself for how you were before you gained in consciousness…

My friends, we don’t land to earth with users manuals though it would have been dope. We are spounges at the whim of circumstances not of our own making, and throught it all our foundational identity is formed. We soak in what is there, be it nourishment or poison…

Blessed are those born into a family seeking enlightenment. I dought that was the case for most of us, and still we are here. Blessed still are those  who have prevailed over a tumultous upbringings with a joy for living and giving. Forgive yourself for reacting from negative past experiences even though you now know better. Take time, be patient with yourself my friend, you will preail over anything  beset upon you, look back a moment, you have made it quite far. Let us recount our victorys and laugh at the follys as they cannot keep us in a poor sorry state. Self forgiveness is something to always have on deck, especally for those who seek the highest,bless us.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 31, 2011.

One Response to “The Art Of “Self Forgiveness” ( letting go of … )”

  1. Some make it a hard thing to do. Forgive yourself.

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