Strength Of Action ( The Kingdom Awaits ) …

Strength Of Action

I forecast, that by taking action my friend you will reach the highest.

My prediction goes you will become a “magnet” your pull imminating from your core. Heart.

Strength Of Action my friends will kill the habit of putting things off.

I say dive head first into the abyss, go get it

I am just now back for an extreme challenge I set upon myself so of course my power is on 1000. I have to give this game to you no choice.

Listen, fallback as the brother Freeman would say, when you cant build in a cretain direction for setbacks. Muster the force to detour with the same energy into something that will prepare you for your imminent kingdom ( here on earth that is ) . Patch up all spots in the ship as to ford  possible leaks. Cultuvate through reading exercise meditation and handling conflict with ease as in preparation for you great kingdom.

Strength Of Action will cause pause in the stagnant, lo and behold  vibe killers WILL test to see how real your strength has become. They will deny what they see before theyre own eyes, do not second guess success become the creator of monumental happings at liberty to go & come at will. Strength. Audacity. Heart



~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 31, 2011.

One Response to “Strength Of Action ( The Kingdom Awaits ) …”

  1. Perfect post. 1000

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