Cowardly Hearts Need Mending

Cowardly Hearts Need Mending

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” MLK/JFK

I’m nearly certain that no one was BORN a coward. I don’t go along with genetic determinism theorys. Scientest love to come up with presempious theorys , feed them into the psyche of the public through the schools and soon, generations to follow are barking back the same falsehoods for a geneticly engineered bone.

Its like when people say i’m overweight because – “it runs in my family”, could it be perhapse the unhealthy eating habits in your familys diet for generations ( what a wild theory, right ? ) .

Somewhere along the way cowardice is taught , and also rewarded. Standing for something more and more has gone the way of the T Rex. When you have former governer Ventura of Minnesota getting”randomly” screened by security at the airport  ( a public figure mind you ) you get a clear sense of how cowardly the average person has become ( just doing my job sir )… Dude filed a law suit against TSA & Homeland Security AND their chiefs, John S. Pistole and Janet Napolitano for violating his rights under The Fourth Amendment. This country could use more politicans like this ASAP.

We compremise to avoid conflict even where it means getting mistreated and disrespected. Even when it means getting cheated and slighted throught life but why? What have we to loose but chains, as the fate of a coward is survitude. I see dudes bragging about how unhealthy they eat in front of chics because they think it makes them look “manly” because of course only woman and you know “weak men” are non meat eaters. You know “vegeterians” they only eat grass. Here we have an epedemic of sickness and obesity in this country not to mention the AA community and this follish line of reasoning is the dominant theme, cowards. Furthermore, If I hear another PSA on black radio instruction us on what to do in case of a Stroke. NO, MF’s how about “preventing the sh*t to begain with” by watching what the f*ck you put in your body ( oh i’m being too militant ) .

And  even if there were a coward gene it could easly be replaced, what we dont “believe” is that we have the power to become couragous where just yesterday we shrank into a self imposed sort of guilted demenour. Funny how we would even accept a a “belief” that keeps us in bondage, is that not the definition of a coward. Sure everyone is not a hero type dude but this peace over everything lazy existance is leading us all back into slavery one supersized value meal at a time.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 1, 2011.

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  1. 1000. Good vibes.

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