Inspire Others ( don’t be scared !!! )

Inspire Others ( don’t be scared !!! )

My umi say shine your light on the world – Mos Def

I mean, we have this godly power to inspire with words, we keep it hidden out of fear. “What if I am misunderstood” PAUSE ( on some Matrix 360 ish ) . You honestly belive you can’t express yourself to the average person you meet. Are you like from a distant galaxy or something dude ? Seriously, don’t underestimate your ability’s to express ( word of the day ) . If you flow from the heart your whole essence will be in what you are doing/saying which will convey infinately more than the naked word itself.

ACTUALLY your making people misunderstand, its YOU. By only half heartidly expressing yourself you appear uncertain and aloof, “uninspiring”. But you would say of anyone who doesnt catch vibes from you, “they just don’t get it” “THEY are slow” . NO yours not flowing from the heart correctly is what it is. Try to interject some ETHER into all the people you meet in the course of a day, some upliftment some encouragement in a fluid manner, find a pocket in the exchange in which to place a few  gold coins into,  so to speak. Its what we naturally who are civilized should be doing rather than giving off poisin vibes out of laziness & ignorance.

By simply sharing of yourself you will become a leader, if not of others, atleast you will be leading your own life. Trust, people will understand you, even if you talk about metaphysical concepts. Bring color and life to the cypher, the alternative is to let talents remain idle thus being unforfilled which is SIN.

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Inspire Others ( don’t be scared !!! )”

  1. This is perfect. Thanks for this one.

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