What Love Is NOT… ( lets reverse engeneer this love thing shall we )

What Love Is NOT… ( lets reverse engeneer this love thing shall we )

After we have ruled everything else out, what were left with MUST be the truth. – Words or power

I wrote a song some time ago called “I Dissapear” ( My Remix ) & HERE> http://soundcloud.com/aquanaut-st/i-dissapear its about my tendency to leave a relationship at a moments notice when / if  ; things go scrambled eggs on me. We all know you cannot unscramble an egg, an artful way of saying beyond repair ( then say beyond repair, NO – everybody knows ST has to keep it funky ).

I reason that “love is not” bondage or clinging to what once was I much rather accept the reality of what is, too taxing for my nerves is denial. (I can’t smoke that good – Big Boi )

So again let us reverse engineer this thing called love, crack it wide open if we can…

And Now Ladies & gents withough further ado we present to you : What Love Is Not…

Love does not smother – We are born knowing how to swim up until were made to fear drowning then we unlearn how. It is not done intentially but out of love. The handicapping way in which love gets expressed I call smothering. I had a friend growing up whos mom & dad encouraged him to be adventuors now dude is hugely success, as I see it beneth this “smothering” is a selfishness that does not wish the object of desire to leave the nest EVER…Even if that means handicapping them with “so called” love ( *cough / smothering ) …

Love is not clingyness – I can understand children being clingy as it is coming from a pure innocent place that is totally transparent. Clingy people however are a load especally when they are always seeking to be validated. As I see, the best way to counter clingyness is compassionate silence. Solution – Don’t cling look within for answers, clinging for life energy makes you a leeach not a giver which makes one a chore to be around. AT first you may think your doing them a favor by constantly giving console, actually they are becoming weaker and give it time you will loathe the thought of even listening to them whining 24/7.

Love is not irrational – You cant beat someones head into a wall bloody them and STILL say you love them, that just stupid. Bringing harm to a “love objects” person or emotional state is not loveing, come on now. Crimes of passion are not passionate whatsoever, theres are misfiring of the synapses going on and hopefully the benificiary of the “love beat down” can see through all the madness ( once the bells stop ringing ) . Once again, selfishness pretends to be lovingness expressed through violence, What.In.The.Hell…

You can kind of get a sense  of what love is by, looking at what love is NOT, sort of, the most highly over used expression EVER ( I love you ) even POP artist like Lil Wayne are cashing in on its nihilistic value, that dude has about as much love in his heart as a can of paint. You dont make songs about killing folk & loving in the same breathe , things are warped as hell out here. Now the 60’s & early 70’s was about REAL love, talk to you all later my friends time to jam some Curtis Mayfield real OG music .


Loves opposite is indifference – ST

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 2, 2011.

One Response to “What Love Is NOT… ( lets reverse engeneer this love thing shall we )”

  1. This ladies and gentleman is what love is NOT. Thanks for the post.

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