Clash Of The Ages ( sovereignty from exploitive Kin Folk ) …

I’m serious no one feels like they should  respect you as a black man if your not an athlete of entertainer or someone with high social status in black society like a preacher your basically seen as lowest of lows F*** That REBEL…

Clash Of The Ages

Just now I  had a vocal clash with someone whom I truely love & respect. I mean, I owe a lot of my knowledge insofar as fixing things to this man, my uncle who was a positive rolemodel for me
through my youth & inspiration, appreciated.  Its just that dude keeps approaching me like i’m still 10.

I mean, at some point it had to be confronted and i’m not regretful in the least because NOW dude knows where i’m coming from. Let me explain the scene. I working in my studio on a project and I just so happen to see movement out the corner of my eye.

Having the “headphones” on mixing the song  I couldnt hear ANYTHING  on the outside and rather than say any greeting dude processed to chastize me about not hearing him knocking at MY front door obviously if you SEE me with phones on I didnt hear the front door man.

Its this type of talking down dynamic where family feels they have license to chestize you for any and everything no matter how grown you are. I said what I said and he left. Actually there is a whole undercurrent to this situation that I wont get into here involving you guessed it MONEY which is owed to me. I’m at the point where if you dont respect my knowledge and dont feel its worth paying for go somewhere else. But I refuse to be paid a crackheads rate I rather refuse payment.

And I know he was trying to set the climate of the conversation to see where I was at in terms of not getting my just pay for my knowledge so like I said atleast dude sees where I’m coming from. The days of getting over on ST are history. I rather eat the food of a begger and work  as a drone than have my lifes work be exploited, know your own value/worth  people .



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 3, 2011.

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