Limits ( The Grand Illusion )

Limits ( The Grand Illusion )
Today I can without a doubt candidly say, I pushed myself harder than ever before in my whole life. I was in the best possible conditioning for breaking through to my next pleatau. It keeps astonishing me to what extent limits are really a negotiation between avoiding disconfort & settleing for NEAR greatness just a few notches down where its not as hard to function. F*** that.

My boxing trainer struggles with addiction at times ( woman & habits ) which makes its 50/50 if we will be traininig on any given day so I dicided to double up when dude doesnt show and be ready all the same. I honestly appreciate the knowledge i’m gaining and the discipline is priceless. As I ran today I kept reflecting on the Lance Armstrong quote from “Its Not The Bike” where he says something to this effect , “It doesnt matter how you look while you finish just get there” ( horrible paraphrasing ) .

That quote is rich with insights, its almost saying in a way, leave the physical part of the challange behind and work in the higher levels, the very source of strength that we are ALL made of. At the begaining of my run today I just couldnt get in a rhythm for like 3 miles I struggles on the brink of quiting & accepting that I was just thrown, somehow out of sync out there . I give thanks I just kept going because I would have probally never forgiven myself otherwise.

If battles are won before the actual war in the planning stages, then its actually not the body we should be conqouring but its ruler the core YES the soul. SO when was the last time you tested your “soul”, when last were you on the brink of anything, its the place to be really if you intend to master this illusion. Its where all the magic happens and belive me the world will stop spinning and take notice when you do push it to the edges. Because beneth all this hustle and bustle everyone wants to experience the highest .

A few people give me props as they passed on the trail today I was so zoned out I could hardly even see anything, that state I tell you is godly. I can recall a few other instances where I felt like I could part the red sea so to speak. On stage in Spain during a festival we proformed at a few years back, the croud was so under the sway we created that you just knew everyone was in the moment and having the time of they’re life, what its all about my friends. I will never prosper if I dont destroy my limits, confort is for the dieing, the living, well, they DEFY limits.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 3, 2011.

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  1. 1,2,3 ZONE!

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