Light To Light ( about the author ST )

Light To Light

My pen touch the paper then my brains blank – Nas

In a way my blog is just some dude talking to himself in public where all can hear, i’m perfectly ok with that. Why remain silent when your witnessings all levels of happenings around you, why not express. A lot of what I champion I am STILL working on within myself & since I feel we are a giant connected organic organism me NOT doing this would be a betrayl to my nature which is UPLIFTMENT so I am driven. If writing organized ones thoughts & views and if speaking ones mind without fear is noble, let me take a crack at that hustle. Many feel isolated & misunderstood in daily life as general conversation in the course of a day is not very nourishing put mildly. I mean, if your not into gossip or celebrity worship your kind of seen as marginal which is the aim of corporate machine , you feel sick and we got the cure babe. Seriously though, not very much nourishment on the battle field, which, well , is how it is , but feel free, and welcomed to soak in any vibes here that suite you, harvest the best leave the rest in the end we all shine.

A decade and a half of creative writing and YES I mean rap, has worked out my word muscles to where putting together words are concerned i’m on some Lee Haney ish. Years ago I created the most beautiful & compex style of poetry to date, think Haiku on roids = “Swing Form”. Ive been expressing myself through that lense so long that regular writing is for me equivelent to telepathy on page. Enough about me, just though I would share because people who read blogs like to know about who they are reading am I wrong? “Light to Light” my friends.

We were called “Spirit Agent” a lot of our work is on youtube Also search “Antennae” alomg with a group of friends we created with we are told is a hiphop Classic on youtube search “Antennae” + ” Exit”  ( the album title ) .  And here we present “Swing Form” This Album we released in like 92 on a underground record label ” Counter Flow” exclusively on Vinyl  ( best sound ever ) in Miami sold over 2k mostly over seas as we know creativity is shunned in the states .  Shout out to my comrades who help to create this experience .

And without further ado I present to you .  “Swing Form” – ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 4, 2011.

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