Poverty Of The Mind ( the worst … )

Poverty Of The Mind ( the worst … )
All together different is the psychologically poor, those who are confortable in the worst of things, poverty of the mind. Poverty of the mind begets all forms of hardship along the basic life spectrum. Ignorance, depression, conflict, sickness, desperation, scarcity, all these result from being psychologically poor. Just because i’m not rich ( YET ) am I to carry myself without pride. Since none is greater than the next caste / class systems are illusory we all breathe the same air is it not?

I’m not saying to put on airs a front or to live beyond your means, but to simply remember your value lies not in your outward trinkets but in having a rich and yes even a peaceful inner life. I’m sick of seeing degenerative behaviour in people simply because they have accepted placement in society as victims. I’m going to continue to challange “The Matrix” and assert & even insenuate myself to get the nectar from this life, believe me. Were moving into if not amid the technological age where the rules of the game have shifted dramatically, virtually over night. We have concivebly all knowledge we could ever hope to explore at our fingertips and worldstar hiphop videos of chics fighting over a tricks tips in the club gets the most hits . Poverty of mind will have one begging for food  while standing on fertile soil.

Poverty Of The Mind is such that one would rather, be taken care of, no matter how degrading, than to fend for self in a ever engaging world. The mentally poor are destined to slavery again and i’m not being overly dramatic here I mean that sh*t. Watch in a few year, prison life will be viewd as a viable even rational option for those who forgo taking command of theyre own existance, sure social structure should nurture the talents each and everyone of us pozesses as we do pay into the system. But first ask yourself this question, if you do not value your self who in the hell else will. I catch heat for coming off as arrogant because a lot of times I slide when trivial bullsh*t is being indulged in. I’m not going to shuck and jive while I could be lifting up myself and loved ones making power moves, thats out of the question. So lable me antisocial or just plain a bore whatever, I value myself and everyone else for that matter up until, you know my life force is being tested then I will bring the fires of hell down to earth post haste, but I digress…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 4, 2011.

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