Spiritual War ( the worst )

Spiritual War ?
How can you show up for an invisable war – Lauryn Hill

Were not talking Jihad holywars conquest or anything along those lines I will explain…

The though of war conjures visions of panaramic destruction deafening explosions flying scraps of metal and the worst, needless carnage the loss of life. How does A “Spiritual War” go on you wonder ? Hold tight, about to be unpacked post haste. ( Walk with me for a moment folks ) Take for example “Energy Drinks” ( RedBull 24 hour energy ) have become substitutes for those of us who cants naturally maintain high levels of “spirit” its amazing how young people rely on these elixirs just to make it through the day, but I understand its just symptomatic where we move through the day confronted with circumstances NOT unlike warfare.

What makes Spiritual Waring so difficult to counter is the subtle manner in which it is waged. One is left with a depleted sense just dealing with toxic b*tches ” people  set on killing our vibe, we feel helpless to theyre invisable war on our peace. To make matters worst on the surface all seems well, yet somehow theyre happy and we appear uneased or even distrough around them, they are winning the spiritual battle my friends. So lets take up the study of spiritual warfare shall we…

First & this is the essence of the battle. YOU make the rules of engagement when facing spiritual foes. YOU determine paramaters. The enemy will USE what ever context you find yourself in for the advantage. For example . If need be, call a spiritual enemy a b*tch out loud in church EVEN in church, this is not ideal only a illustration, you get the point though, the enemy is keen on using the social dynamic / environment to defeat you, do not play along, follow?

Next, identify spiritual enemies for what they truly are, dont fool your self or convince yourself that you are dealing with people who are redeemable.  F*** that, you NEED your energy your drive your spirit to radiate light in this world on friends and family NOT to be stolen by lifeless MF’s who get a rush from draining you. So again when people show who they are, BELIEVE them, and act accordingly preferably bomb first.

Dont be paranoid of course but you will know what it is when you see it, defend your inner peace at all costs I have only scrached the surface on this one fam feel free to add on , peace.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 4, 2011.

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