Limits Part 2 ( I VS I ) …

Limits Part 2 ( I VS I )

When you fully realize you are your own true competition, that you are the one getting in your own way, that YOU define the parameters of your vision only then you will beast through this dumb sh*t…

I wrote earlier about how limits were an illusion and I learned a new mental technology to keep my “go get it” mind frame on 1000. Its real simple. Everyday outdo yourself, if you ran 1 mile in 6 minutes cut that time in half “just as an example”. If you read ten pages yesterday today read 25, if you researched some new way of getting paid for 2 hours yesterday today make it 4 you follow? Truth be told my paper is UGLY so money is always on my mind as I cant live with myself as a beggar I am going to prevent the advent of such fate so constantly I am paper centered.

Seriously man, try out this technique watch how you start to progress faster than before because in reality were keeping on the training wheels saving fuel in reserves just in case, no cousin, burn that dam fuel you will be surprised that there is a endless supply of fuel and that my freinds is the definition of destroying limits.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 5, 2011.

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