Part 2 – Clash Of The Ages ( forced to eat crow ) …

Part 2 – Clash Of The Ages ( sovereignty from exploitive Kin Folk ) …

In part 1 I told a story about my uncle ( uncle 1 ) who refused to respect me as a grown man, I think I said he talks as if im still 10. Well today I mentioned it to another uncle ( uncle 2 ) his brother , just to get his take on the matter. And to get right to it yes i’m forced to eat crow, and YES I STILL didnt get paid for my work.

My uncle ( uncle 2 ) said I should have cut all that nonesense short by telling him ( uncle 1 ) to pay me for the work I did. He said by going on a tangent about “being respected” I allowed him to scate on payment yet again.

I had to agree because in the end the main point was getting payment for the work I did which was to virus sweep 2 PCs – service them – and setup wi fi via at&ts sub par network. Is that not the story of my life ( past life ) leaving people room to get over because of EGO, and not getting PAID because of it. God knows if I dont master this level I will never get to the level of wealth I deserve, I must master this.

I get frustrated man, because I know we do not value each other as a race if we can we will skate on paying or pay what we feel like paying yet pay inflated car payments and high interest at large…

So now, uncle 1 can prolong paying me indefinately with the excuse that we “fell out” in the mean while back at the ranch his computers are safe secure connected and i’m not a cent richer. What a lesson for this week, hope there is something in that story you can build on fam, peace !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 5, 2011.

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