What Black Men Think ( black men have thoughts ? ) …

What Black Men Think ( black men have thoughts ? ) …

This is not about how Seren Williams dove into a full split ( dam shes limber to be so thick ) at the US Open or how Bria Myers ( devious smile* ) is wifey material though both topics are being fiercely scrutinized this very moment in some circles on the net, we are going to segwey into some other ish you READ ?

Without further delay “What Black Men Think”

We think everyone is against us in general. We do not like being stared at/sized like were on trial, we become increaingly agnry because beneth it all is a level of disrespect . We think no other race of men who call themselves men could function under the pressures we face routinely as a matter of course. That even though they copy our style they wouldnt walk in our shoes for a nonsecond and survive sanely.

We think that most black woman are against us, and only have respect for pimps preachers and pushers the 3’ps. We think the police are the enemy, which they are as the statistics clearly display. We think the black church is bullsh*t and no self respecting black man will put up with it. We think thirsty dudes make it hard for the rest of us with “self respect”. You know the bum ni**as who leech off of the over weight nasty attitude having walfare foodstamp hustling never smiling loud and unfemininie hood chics ( them cats ) Black men want familys children even peace and quiet we want to get married but not settle for less in comparison to our struggle. Why is it so hard to fathom black men with high expectations and standards in theyre life. We see most people as weak and cowardly , afraid to walk the streets yet play tuff because of social status.

We think that if we were allowed to move freely without psychological or physical attacks we would rule the world naturally. We think that it is no accident that when the rules to the game are transparent we excel even DOMINATE. We know other groups of men envy us and want us to disapear so they can be ALPHA. We think we have come to far to be broken by anyone we think we are going to rule. And we will. Trust …


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 5, 2011.

One Response to “What Black Men Think ( black men have thoughts ? ) …”

  1. That’s all true.

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