A Simulated View Of The World Through A Black Man Eyes.. ( 3D glasses not included ) …

( a work in progress )

A Simulated View Of The World Through A Black Man Eyes.. ( 3D glasses not included )

My every move is a calculate step – Pac

Imagine if you can bare, moving forward in your surroundings and rather than enlarging as should according to basic physics, everything before you is shrinking while you near . You’re being cut off and slowed as you negotiate turns until eventually every gesture you make is well thought out far ahead of you in your field of vision.

Naturally over the course of time you develop a sixth sense about handling things as society does not encourage your fluid motion. You sublimate all the negative body language directed at you and manage to handle your business all the same.

There is a constant resistance you face that is not common to any other group of men or woman. Now ask yourself, why is everyone conspiring against you obviously FEAR and ignorance. People are keen enough to discern potential danger, but something more feathery is afoot.  It is YES a conspiracy to destroy our confidence which is like killing a man a man is not a man who has no confidence in his ability because that sure as hell isn’t something society give a dam about us having you lack it and you simply get crushed and eaten alive by those with more.

( seriously I have to go@ work about to go home will pick this writing up later on )

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9/7 9.30 AM

THe casual reader is likely to conclude wrongly that I am coming from a bitter even defeated victimized place. Actually I AGREE with the caveat that YOU would likely feel as such being that other than a black man so touche.  Simply by acknowledging things “as they are” is EMPOWERING. That is not to say we do not expect favorable outcomes but one entering battle should bot be foolish. Viewing things through delusional  lense is for us far more destructive enter: Tiger Woods…

Our goal as black men MUST be sovereignty, I am not a nationalist but our woman dont respect us partly having to do with our inability to create sustainable living environmental which are unplugged from the hub if you will. This is why they elevate almost to sainthood the shadowy men able to ” get it” without being plugged in to box, however amoral…

Our thinking should center around self elevation and building at all times all else is folly. F sports F rap F pussy , its money/power over everything. I cant stress the ergency of the moment enough my kin…

( will update later on )



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