“BLACKLISTED” by Hood B*tches” ( thank god for small favors ) …

( a work in progress )

“BLACKLISTED” by Hood B*tches” ( thank god for small favors ) …

You can kill me but never my spirit – ST

This JUST happened to me man yo, I’m half way through my AM run, headed back down the other side getting back into my ZONE. When suddnly (white girl ) out of my periphery I gleam, a FAT GHETTO ass white B*tch ( will be the last time I use the B work promise/crosses heart(fingers too ) crossing the road

It was obviously prompted by my approaching ( scurry fat hoe I think ) as if I wanted anything to do with that sloppy mamoth, dollar store sun dress wearing pale ass B****. Kin folk, I put my hand up to my eye making a shield blocking her from side view THEN I droppen my hand in a dismissive gesture not missing a running stride. Bitches like to attack you via body language, no matter how UGLY they are acting, its all good, that fake racist hoe, I digress…

Really though GHETTO chics swear to god you want to hallar or something must be “wrong with you” or you dont LIKE sisters.

The reason why my brothers are stepping they’re game up many of us is BECAUSE  of namely YOU ( sisters ) , the prospect of wifeing a thorough sister how many times we got to say that. With all the sh*t we deal with in society no other man or woman could take it and yet these low expectation having brauds expect us to settle for less than the best …

Yes, these hating ass under achieving hoes are blocking us from getting to decent sisters by trying to “blacklist” us before we feel we fresh enough in our own right &  ready to come and get you.

How do Hood minded Sisiers( ? ) go about blocking us as black men for getting any pussy “play” at all & cause other woman to reject us before we even press up. They salt our name of course & 9 times out of 10 we have REJECTED them in the past and you know like I know b*tches are vindictive, hell bent on revenge crazy asses. Another feathery way they BL is over time causing us to create a “negative reflex” upon the sight of sisters  which doesnt help the situation whatsoever.

In public Hood b*tches are generally loud and rude and i’m a thorough brother in my own right  so they agressively invade my space stare you down on some rude ass sh*t. My brothers its a blessing to be blacklisted by these types of woman I promise you misery loves company as it goes just maintain the course that decent sister is right there, shake of them salty hoes all black everything.


Finally : Its all primitive tribal behavior they are merely acting on the social dynamics and hierarchy of the ghetto food chain. Wherein the 3 P’s rule.  The Preachers Pimps Pushers take all. I thank god for evolution as a leveling process is underway wherein the social dynamic is forced to change the pendulum swings in OUR favor the thorough brothers & sisters…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 6, 2011.

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