“Strong & Independent” ( *bursts into uncontrollable laughter* ) …

“Strong & Independent” ( *bursts into uncontrollable laughter* ) …

Your strong and independent government assistance living off children asses…

I’m sorry I have to illuminate this sh*t it may seem like overkill walk with me…

I catch flack not wanting to work for anyone, particularly a corporation, it has been deemed “militant” and abnormal. I’m serious man the aim of this society is to cut the black man’s nuts off completely. Making us subject to the whim of whomever, so long as it’s not us…

I have to look at careerist with a squint, the pure comedy my kin. I mean, the inflated sense of self many of them project seem to me baseless. At “work” ( god knows I’m grateful for having a job but I’m dying to run my own sh*t ) theres this black lady right, shes happens to be the college presidents “secretary” but you wouldn’t know that. You would think she was Condoleezza F*ing Rice the manner in which she parades around, all because of “who she works for”. On some mammy ish… Perhaps she is gifted hand me down clothing or allowed to pass by and clean the estate on the weekend ( *blank stare * ) …

I  was just at the CVS store ( legal drug pushers ) grabbling a pack of Emerald cashew snacks. I live in a nice black neighborhood now currently being in fluxed by a lot of Hispanics buying up every property that goes up for sale… Anyway, I saw a sister down the row from me in the store. She had the corporate look, she wasn’t anything special to me honestly but she carried herself in a manner as if she was above me. Come on now this isn’t rocket science anyone practiced in body language can instantly read people ANYWAY… I just happened to look down the aisle in her relative direction and she looked away feigning disinterest, it was mutual no heat, she wasn’t even a 5 yo come on …

I swear I would bet my life she is a secretary, or receptionist somewhere channeling phone calls and sh*t this sh*t MUST stop.  My sisters PLEASE stop pretending you are doing so much better than us as a means of esteem its unbecoming, unladylike competing with men. On top of that its blatant lies and we both know you’re not all the Harvard Professors and diplomats that you lead on even though you are in charge of the church budget, good for you, fall back. This competition battle of the sexes contrived crap is for the birds and none wins.

The internet allows us brothers to FINALLY call you on your bullsh*t whereas before the media, government, police everyone took the side against us ( surprise ) at all truns. Word, thanks for the support too… NOW we can be heard freely, now you can get our side of things it might seem harsh & I would say just imagine the social crusifiction we have underwent for the past 30 years but I know, you can’t imagine it plus you will swear you have it worst such bullsh*t lets be adults here stop acting dumb.



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2011.

2 Responses to ““Strong & Independent” ( *bursts into uncontrollable laughter* ) …”

  1. When people have a title and get dressed up they change into whatever company they work for. It happens to everyone as a cat in a suit thinks and expects people to treat him better. Black Women like all women love to dress up as they have been doing this since little kids. They get to act out the life they imagined so you just have to smile.

    You see the bigger picture so everything most people do will seem laughable. It is to me too but I learned to reinforce and appreciate what they are trying to be instead of trying to wake them up. It’s easier to smile than to shake your head back and forth in disgust. It uses less muscles.

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