Pain ( Liberation ) …

No pain no gain – Random

What is pain, well, according to “the dictionary”  pain is the feeling of being hurt, suffering, punishment, even penalty….

Here at Waterist we define pain as “liberation”, and i’m not being masochistic here, walk with me my kin…

We are taught to escape pain nearly at all costs to the point where the most feathery issues can bring about great suffering heart ache and YES even pain upon us. Someone not favoring you for example ( trivial ) , we are like a centipede with 1000 legs yet when a single leg becomes injured we cant move whatsoever, totally debilitated ( amazing right ) …

Let us ZOOM IN onto the word pain shall we, and disarm it with correct light so as to reacquaint ourselves with iys name hopefully befriend this door way to the beyond called pain…

Pain meet Waterist readers readers meet pain ( now shake hands ) LOL

The body, when under rigor first asks itself ” why should I suffer” why should I endure hardship, at which point in time it will begain to break down up until a sufficient enough case is made for continuation. The discomfort of changing our eating habits, limiting sweets, sodas, chips, all these bring pain to the fore. Is it really worth it the body will ask… For many, it is impossible to reason away a Little Debbie Snack cake but I digress…

I present ETHER

Tell yourseld WHY you must undergo discomfort and YES pain, carve that sh*t onto your heart plate ” I must experience suffering” uncertainty& hurt in order to give birth. We are creating here,  and bringing forth is awesome and strenuous labor . Think of a seed sending its sprout from beneth the earth through the soil onto the surface that sh*t was an awesome feat & painstaking work. But we dont see the seed complaining now do we, NO they are too busy becoming  oak trees, let us “welcome” pain…

So now pain is NOT pain anymore oddly enough,  “pain” has become a “calabration tool” with which we may guage our readiness, tweak and sharpen our efforts. Now we can in essence transform what was once seen as disconfort into a liberation device. See how that works ?



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 7, 2011.

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