6.30 PM est – It All Begins – Total Recreation of the BODY & MIND ( show up ) …

Nothing is perhaps as vital to emotional stamina as physical exercise. The struggle you face during exercise is not unlike what life brings our way lets be ready – ST

My kin ( meaning my family which is all until proven otherwise ) …

Be part of the Richmond Heights ” Get Right” Health & Fitness Movement presented by AquanautST ( or just ST ) . We meet up in front of the bailed out sorry excuse for a Inc. CitiBank located in my neighberhood. Join and be part of the movement ( literally ) .

Again 6.30PM est. If your in Miami for a few days this is the perfect event/ fitness experience for you ( sisters welcomed we encourage positive change in all ) . Its happening Mon – Sat. email me @ powermoves1@gamil.com include the header “The Heights” or be viewed as SPAM ( deleted ) Any further questions ask away…

What we do 

First we start with a 2 mile run ( generally off road – next to the main raod, but your welcomed to use the sidewalk if need be. ) at a pace maintained using a bike spot. ( a leader on bike keeping our pace respectable, we all alternate ) .

Then we go through a classic calisthenics routine including decline pushups ( please dont trip if you cant bang out a zillion of them 1-5 is fine getting started )

We then get into resistance work/fun, weight lifting & work on the heavy bag, some boxing. ( your welcomed to use the dojo freely if you wish to focus in other areas) … The main goal is elevation, join us be part of it all.

Your welcomed to make a donation of fruit or bottle water, save your $$$ to buy healthier grocerise my kin. More fruit . More nuts seeds & whole grains. And you guessed it right . Plenty of water…


~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 8, 2011.

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