I Cannot Become A Monster ( fight fire with fire ) …

“You dont fight fire with fire man, you fight fire with water.  ( I overheard a brother on the Metro talking on the cell to his boy about trials and tribulations and conflict in the household ( female problems ) …

How does it go, 2 pigs wallowing in the mud both get dirty. This is a tuff nut to crack because on one front. The mere suggestion that you wont get on the dirty level with someone in dispute with you will be exploited. Then there is your own conscious which, if your like me sees the folly in PETTY drama. I have a solution, no need to break it all down and build it back up ( this time ) . Here it goes…

Defend your life at all costs but not at the expense of your soul ( its true ) …

Each of us knows what the heart can bare before it cracks, the threshold varies person to person. I will openly share with you that I have been on the edge before no shame, in my mid 20’s dealing with life’s obstacles for the first time , transforming from a total 1000%  optimist into a realist, was painful as sh*t.  I made it through for I am blessed with iron will, many caved fell into depression & victimization …

Don’t get it twister we all have the “potential” to become monsters depending on our level or depravity. Like a sister whom I admire would say – “Never say what you wont do”…

The things one may have seen in war, they become “engrams” ( psychology.  a permanent impression left on an individual from a experience ) . We we carry these experiences like pieces to a puzzle when combined they make up our “identity”  or “axis of  our behavior. I say, throw the F*ing puzzle away and recreate a new self. Create heaven on earth for YOU and those to whom you share vibes, all else is folly. The puzzle is missing pieces and frankly it is a waste why lug around an unsolvable puzzle, strange…

Your “identity” is bullsh*t  too, your not that kid that once upon a time would cry when your favorite toy went missing

So why carry negative engrams of things that dont serve the building of heaven on earth agenda.

I tell you what, anyone trying to argue with you will invariably connect a past event to you as proof of how wrong you are, rather than go back and forth bringing up trivial bullsh*t from like 20 years ago, ask them to remember that they can too create heaven on earth its never too late. That my friend is WATER.

~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 8, 2011.

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  1. I’m patiently waiting. 🙂

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