Black Church Obsolescence( F that um goin in ) …

What prompted this post ST?

So I’m listening to sunday black radio by chance and I hear 2 black ladys yapping about “issues concerning african americans” and how we need to get back to “family values” ( now who coined that phrase, “family values” NOT the right wing anglo american “Christians” right ? Now we quoting the f*ing KKK … )  like in the bible days, get the F out of here are you f*ing kidding me  … We are doomed, the black church which is the most moneyed institution in the black community has no NUTS. Sorry…

You feed a few street people and while the eat you offer them a bible ( rude ) and if they dont accept you look at them crosseyed . You put more interest into your freaking ( sundays best ) outfit than the actual WORD of god being expressed. And if you adress some social issue facing our people like say, systemic racism its always in aid of rolling in some shiney suit politician ( they know we like bling ) SAVIOUR who the congregation MUST vote for to fix all our ills ( sounds biblical right ? ) , any demorcat will do ( F*ing classic ) .

I dont know of any other religious insitiution that admits its own corruption like the black church ( besides the catholics ) and STILL has a loyal followers, and we wonder why the #’s are dwindling its not theoretical physics ( the BC is out of touch ) . Something aint right … And real talk,  for the life of me, I dont know why all these god believes are so F*ing scary to be so dam holy. Actually i’m lieing I DO know EXACTLY why. They dont want to piss off white sponsors, have to keep the ATM in the lobby humming. Underneth it all churchs get dollars outside the very communitys they “serve” ( think dope pusher ) , which nutralize them and in some cases make them vehicles for questionable foreign bodys all together.

Election cycle 1212 is rolling closer and mark my words son, the black church will yet again be the b*tch of the day. They will collectively ask for NOTHING in exchange for almost unanomous support of the democratic party. And i’m heated because “the get out to vote machine”, that tornado of sheeple will eventually reach land in my own neck of the woods in do time . I expect pamphlet pushing naive colledge students to be rining my  door bell  “informing us” with theyre “knowledge” about the importance of voting, and how people died for us to have the right to vote. Enjoy the festivities my kin ( vote or die ).

Answers – Solutions

We need to start small potted gardens in our homes & yards , like grandma had. We need to limit dairy and refined white sugar intake all together which is poison. We need to start more small bussinesses that are sustainable & service oriented ( service with a smile ) . We will be just fine without another poisinous soul food ( slave food ) fried chicken  catfish dinners killing my kin slowly open a juice bar sh*t! ( give the people more than what they think they want ) . Sure our familys need repair ( blame slavery ) but 95% of the problem today is our dam WALLET ( empty ) , diet ( poison ) , and drug abuse ( clouded minds ) all else is folly . If I hear another cancer & diabetes commercial on black radio, thats what the garden is for, prevention, lets break the cycle people .

Why wont churchs buy land and start a modest farm we surely know how to farm & have the resources , its not glamorous but its practical  ( reminds too much of slavery, are you serious ? ) . Like I was saying we  can FEED people which is basic to life, you dont have to ask the government for sh*t, its amazing. You can employ people who then can “support families”  who then can “educate themselves correctly” to run sh*t, why is this so hard. Because deep down and I hate to say it the black church is simply broken. Beneth it all they are waiting on Jesus . The chaos consoles them, ( end times is near ) “oh lord  sweep us up in the rapture and let all our problems be washed away”, in the mean time HERE on planet earth in real time the people suffer ( pure ignorance ) while other races experience bounty ( a plentiful harvest ) , and we are blessed?

Thus the fate of the entire black community ( broken )  with no spiritual back bone to speak of, thats why any self respecting individual knows that it WONT be the churches that bring about progressive change nor the politicians. The churches are clickish cultish distractions in essence. And the politicians well, they are politicians nuff said. My advice to you my kin is, someone call themselves a black christians run for the F*ing hills, a good 90% + arent anything representative of the black chirtians of old, they would have us think otherwise but its 2011and more & more black people are awakeing becomeing progressive and less subjected to mass programming bless us all amen…



~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 12, 2011.

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  1. Perfect. 🙂

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