Comparison The Great Destroyer …

The people want you to give them just a little more than what they think they wanted or asked for – Random

The eagle never soared so low as to compared himself with a crow – Random

Every time you compare yourself to someone else just imagine your blood ( energy )  hemorrhaging your soul. Thats exactly what we’re doing. I’m not saying we shouldnt LEARN from others but how can you compare yourself to someone without knowing what he or she has surmounted to become who they are . Your looking at results rather than the process which was undertaken to become that person you so admire or covet in all likelyhood, therfore you suffer comparisons. In many cases we are simply not willing to undergo the transformation and thus live vicariously through those we see as “super human”” fortinate” “lucky” “blessed” ( wow being super so and so must be nice ) or some other corney sh*t which is total BS and so we suffer through comparisons.


Compare yourself to God ( yes I said GOD ) . Compare yourself to “The Universe” in its infinate splendors ( yes I went even further out ) . We set our sights  low where activating our true potential is concerned. I wager my own life that most people truely WORTH being admired have serious discipline, iron will, spiritual drive, introspection, why not “develop these traits” rather than ” twish” to “be like Mike” and get hustled buying 200 $ sneakers  with a Mc Donalds paycheck , pure comedy.  These people we so adimre tap into theyre own uniqueness ( god given talents ) , heed theyre inner call, and they explode in all direction they so choose to. It is We who ignore our own uniqueness, ( blessings )  try to fit into a mold foreign to our own divine spark and become earthly rather than godly ( true story ) . Grounded in the miserable standards and norms of today which are mederocrity, sort of a (so called ) reality live through others TV culture. I mean how the F does a show like jersey shore even bring name recognition, but I digress…


Compare yourself to a star and shine boldly, compare yourself to a blackhole obsorb energy ( knowledge )  and use it as you see fit. I’m trying to reshape the way we use comparison ( for a second )  now which is a means of suffering. It is my observation that WE set our sights too low really we clip our own wings which is preventing us from soaring. Ask yourself how can I access the power of God.  Answer :Make use of YOUR god given strengths its simple. I dont care what your currently doing MAKE time to express your uniqueness “on your own terms” and watch your life explode for the better my kin. I’m on the same mission and seeing in real time progress already. King Sh*t




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 12, 2011.

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