Envelopment ( false accusations ) …

Envelopment ( false accusations )

They pray and pray for my downfall – DMC ?

I hate being accused … I HATE defending myself, PERIOD. I have a “and who the F are you to answer to” way about it . I have no qualms admitting I was wrong ( if it’s in fact true )  I like to think, but being “framed”  in an effort to ruin my character or name is a serious transgression to be dealt with swiftly you will see…


The problem is, those who would initiate a salty campaign against you are keen enough not to directly challenge you with fake charges. They instead loose the false news on you in the wild, where those who would like to believe it true may freely multiply its falseness, soak in it and enjoy being titillated by talk as the no life having MF’s they really are always do…




Evenly you will get wind of the whole fiasco, you might have noticed certain individuals behaving in an accusatory way towards you. You may have been at a loss before it all lands. THEN the dots connect things begin to make sense, as they have been feeding on sh*t about you in the wild, hoping to bring you down by fanning the sh*tty aroma of falsehoods and somehow thereby  justify theyre empty lives. Yago’s are among us so what to do ? I say do not fear having your reputation ruined my kin. I say do not defend your name at all my kin. I say do not answer to anyone concerning you. These people belive what they wish and it suits they’re agenda to spread rumors about people who they dislike ( usually people who are much more successful ) . As they have no life of they’re own, do not play along, and when the time comes to act, move swiftly on those b*tches, as they say karma is a MF…




~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 12, 2011.

One Response to “Envelopment ( false accusations ) …”

  1. Sounds familiar to me. Nice.

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