Increase Your Meditation Gains Remarkably Via “Physical Exercise”… ( ETHER )

Increase Your Meditation Gains Remarkably Via “Physical Exercise”… ( ETHER )


Meditation is the only thing that will melt all engrams ( google )  – Swami


The first time I witnessed a deep experience while meditating was about II years ago. The only way I can discribe it my kin is to explain what effects it gave to my awareness. Afterwards I felt infinately  faster than the world surrounding me ( think The Matrix “bullet time” ). Everything around me seemd to be happeing mad slow the world begain snails around me & everything was mad predictable, what someone would say in conversation & events that were happening all around me, all became known to me before it really happened, everything was in slow motion as it unfolded, I experienced the oneness briefly, no sepeartion one with all things ( sounds crazy right ? ) .


The techniqe I used is “focusing on the brow center” I sat in the upright position in a chair with my hands to ither side in proper form and extrememly slow ( to the point where there is very little movement in your stomache  ) deep inhale & exhale breathing ( you wont to inhale & exhale to the maximum extent possible, as slowly as possible ) .  While focusinging all my conscious attention on the brow center ( 3rd eye ) . Justs my awareness and the light… I imagined a bright light shining from my third eye and I just kept noticing  that light. When thoughts would surface I would simply allowed them to pass and resumed staring deeply into the bright light emiting from my 3rd eye ( sounds cool right  ) . I wont get into exactly what happened next I think most people will think it was a dream or made up ayway, but since then my whole life has been blessed, and enriched beyond measure, and I couldnt hold the energy, I freaked out and pulled back ( opened my eyes ). I guess I didnt think it would really happen and when it did I was afraid that I would become lost in it all, it was that powerful.


Up until then I was at the mercy of my thoughts, I did not realise to what extent thoughts were just idle chatter  equal to a car engine running, we give them value which causes us conflict ( your thoughts are not your own ) . It may sound crazy but as you meditate any dilema you may be having , or negative emotion you were under such as anger will immediately show up and sort itself out. Meditation clinses your center like a dialisis kidney machine LOL think of it as a “spiritual” kidney machine you follow? All the accumulated toxins & impurities that latch on in the course of a day are all washed away just by sitting still and practicing the thoughtless state, if not wached away then steralized. Of course thoughts will come but by allowing them to pass you rinse them and simultaniously experience reality as it is, ( imagine what you can possibly imagine without a cloudy burdoned heavy mind ) this is again, just from sitting still doesnt cost us anything not a penny my kin.


Exercise + Meditation = Higher Vibrations


In order to be able to HOLD your focus on the brow center ( 3rd eye )  its going to take some breaking of your “will” ( ego ) . For some sitting still must feel like dieing, especally IF they “think” they have a.d.d. or some other such “psychobable” pop culture contrivance. These adjustments will be seriosly expedited if you practice physical exercise on a regular basis. The mental tuffness that is developed through pushing your physical body beyond  its limits will translate well when you sit still and attempt to focus your attention on one point for an extended period of time. Belive me, your body will rebel and want to quit sitting ( think exorcism )  . Exercise prepared the body to undergo the struggle, the antcy reflex and flood of thoughts that will ensue as you sitting still and focusing to a single point. That is why anyone being initiated as a disciple in a monistary has to undergo physical tests & also they practice yoga to prepare the body for the kundilini awakening . If not, you wont be able to HOLD the energy as it rises up from the tip of the spine, you will be shook and drop focus everytime, like I did.  Just some thoughts my kin…






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